Nebula’s new Capsule 3 and Mars 3 Air projectors go with Google TV

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The Nebula Mars 3 Air portable projector connected a java array outdoors.The Nebula Mars 3 Air Nebula

Anker’s celebrated sub-brand Nebula has been gaining a estimation for making immoderate fantabulous projectors, and coming nan institution added to its lineup pinch 2 caller portable offerings. The soda-can sized Capsule 3 and nan somewhat bigger and much powerful Mars 3 Air will unit for $550 and $600, respectively, and will beryllium disposable connected November 20.

In a caller improvement for Nebula, nan 2 caller projectors tally connected nan Google TV platform, alternatively of nan older, similar, and much communal Android TV that is in galore projectors today. And amazingly for portable projectors, they some travel pinch Netflix built in, pinch Nebula claiming that they are “the first brace of portable LED projectors displaying high-res contented from Netflix successful afloat 1080p resolution.”

The Mars 3 Air is akin successful shape and features to Nebula’s Mars II Pro — it has a large, azygous lens connected nan front, top-mounted beingness controls, and carrying strap crossed nan apical — but pinch immoderate improvements nether nan hood. The Mars 3 Air is simply a DLP projector that features 400 ANSI lumens of brightness, arsenic good arsenic Full HD 1080p solution that tin rustle an image up to 120 inches successful size.

And for illustration galore of Nebula’s projectors, there’s intelligent autofocus and automatic keystone accommodation that will set for up to 40 degrees positive aliases minus of vertical and horizontal perspective correction. That intends that you tin purpose nan Mars 3 Air astatine nan wall aliases surface astatine immoderate beautiful unforgiving angles and nan projector will straighten retired and level nan image truthful you tin watch. Automatic surface fresh is here, too, arsenic good arsenic automatic entity avoidance, which dims nan projector erstwhile personification walks successful beforehand of it to protect your eyes.

The Nebula Capsule 3 portable projector pinch 2 group successful nan background.The Nebula Capsule 3 Nebula

Being bigger than nan Capsule 3 intends that there’s room for a brace of 8-watt Dolby Digital-capable speakers, but you tin besides link to outer speakers via a 3.5mm AUX port. The 3.75-pound projector tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a Bluetooth speaker. It offfers up to 8 hours of playback clip from its 64.8 watt-hour artillery and besides delivers up to 2.5 hours of movie playtime connected a charge, which happens successful 3 hours via DC cable. Lastly, there’s an HDMI larboard connected nan backmost for connecting different streaming devices for illustration an Apple TV aliases Roku (should you not for illustration Google TV), gaming consoles, DVD players, aliases moreover a computer. There are besides USB-A ports should you person a thumb thrust to connect.

The super-portable Nebula Capsule 3, connected nan different hand, has galore of nan aforesaid features arsenic nan Mars 3 Air, but successful a 1.87-pound package. With a less-powerful 200 ANSI lumens, nan Capsule 3 besides displays astatine 1080p and features nan aforesaid surface size, autofocus, and automatic keystone specs, arsenic good arsenic screen-fit and entity avoidance.

A single, 8-watt Dolby Digital speaker provides nan sound, which should beryllium OK successful mini spaces, but there’s besides an AUX output for connecting outer speakers. The Capsule 3’s 52Wh artillery besides offers up to 2.5-hours of movie clip and nan aforesaid 8 hours of Bluetooth euphony listening, but it uses USB-C for charging successful nan aforesaid 3 hours. HDMI and USB-A ports are here, too, and nan Capsule 3 has a tripod screw connected nan bottommost for easy mounting (the Mars 3 Air has this, too).

Both nan Nebula Mars 3 Air ($600) and Capsule 3 ($550) Google TV projectors will beryllium disposable successful nan U.S. connected November 20 from nan Nebula website and Amazon.

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