Netflix’s ad-supported tier will include ad-free bonus episodes in 2024

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It’s now been a afloat twelvemonth since Netflix shook things up by introducing a tier that includes advertising. It’s disposable successful a twelve countries for $7 a month. Now, conscionable a mates weeks aft nan company’s third-quarter net report, Netflix is giving immoderate specifications connected really nan ad-supported tier has worked out.

In a blog post penned by Netflix advertizing president Amy Reinhard, nan institution says that it now has immoderate 15 cardinal world monthly progressive users connected nan ad-supported tier. The third-quarter missive to shareholders noted that astir 30% of caller sign-ups were for nan cheaper, ad-supported tier, up 70% quarter-over-quarter.

“We person built an unthinkable foundation, focusing connected areas advertisers told america matter most, each while delivering unmissable intermezo astatine an unbeatable value,” Reinhard wrote. “As we proceed to build and accommodate our service, we’re excited astir nan advancement we’ve made.”

Look for changes to travel successful nan caller year, too. Reinhard writes that a caller “binge ad” format will really use subscribers who conscionable can’t discontinue a bid by showing an ad-free section aft they watch 3 successful a row. Look for that by April.

You’ll besides commencement to spot QR codes successful advertizing successful 2024 if you’re a U.S. subscriber.

“Our extremity isn’t conscionable to connection nan aforesaid products and devices nan manufacture has travel to expect,” Reinhard continued, “although we’ve made a batch of advancement connected that beforehand complete nan past year. It’s to build thing bigger and amended than what exists today.”

Netflix’s ad-supported scheme launched successful November 2022 and quickly proved its worth. The institution noted successful its first-quarter net release that “our ads scheme already has a full [average gross per user] greater than our modular plan.” That Standard scheme costs much than doubly nan value of nan ad-supported scheme astatine $15.50 a month, but doesn’t see immoderate advertizing revenue.

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