Neural networks are reportedly helping criminals create cheap virtual fake IDs online

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AI successful brief A dodgy website is claiming to usage AI successful creating images of clone IDs that could perchance beryllium utilized to instrumentality online verification methods.

The site, OnlyFake, is now down, but reportedly touted its abilities to utilize "neural networks" to make realistic looking photos of made-up driving licenses, passports, and different types of documents for arsenic small arsenic $15. 

In an experiment, 404 Media, an independent tech-focused publication, went done nan process of creating a clone Californian ID utilizing a existent photograph but a mendacious sanction and address. There was a complete dashboard to participate nan desired accusation and springiness an physics signature to make nan AI-generated image. 

The resulting photograph of nan counterfeit paper looks very realistic, and could beryllium utilized to instrumentality websites analyzing people's recognition for illustration banks aliases societal media platforms to create clone accounts to launder money, or, maybe, moreover possibly, break into different peoples' existent accounts to bargain funds.

The image of nan sham ID created by 404 Media managed to bypass nan online verification methods for nan cryptocurrency platform, OKX, for example. 

AI is revealing secrets successful scrolls from ancient Rome

A trio of machine subject students person won $700,000, nan apical prize successful a title challenging developers to build AI package to publication ancient scrolls burnt to a crisp and preserved from a leftover volcanic eruption thousands of years ago.

The expansive prize for nan Vesuvius Challenge 2023, funded by erstwhile GitHub CEO Nat Friedman and entrepreneur and investor Daniel Gross, was announced this week. First, nan contents of a fewer scripts from nan Herculaneum papyri postulation were cautiously scanned utilizing X-rays generated successful a particle accelerator; nan effort reportedly costs $70,000, Bloomberg reported.

Next, nan integer scans of nan 3D scrolls were shared pinch participants. They had to fig retired a measurement to unfurl nan images into flat, readable chunks, observe immoderate signs of penning connected them and portion nan passages together utilizing AI algorithms. Their results were past fixed to master historians to effort and decipher.

The winning squad managed to uncover 4 passages of text, containing 140 characters each, wherever astatine slightest 85 percent of nan characters were legible. Now, nan adjacent situation is to decipher much words successful nan 4 scrolls, and yet spell connected towards reference each 800 scrolls successful nan Herculaneum papyri collection. 

"The superior extremity for 2024 is to publication 90 percent of nan scrolls, and we will rumor nan 2024 Grand Prize to nan first squad that is capable to do this," according to nan Vesuvius Challenge 2023 blog post. Anyone tin participate nan competition.

The Herculaneum papyri were recovered successful a buried building that is believed to person been wherever Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, Julius Caesar's father-in-law, erstwhile lived.

  • Developers build AI to publication ancient scroll burnt successful Mount Vesuvius eruption
  • Deepfake CFO tricks Hong Kong biz retired of $25 million
  • Driverless cars swerve postulation tickets successful California moreover if they break nan law
  • Red ray for robotaxis arsenic California suspends Cruise's licence to self-drive

Top banker trolled successful deepfake scam

Mugur Isarescu, nan politician of nan National Bank of Romania, was targeted successful a deepfake scam promoting sham investments successful an effort to swindle victims.

The digitally altered video and audio depicted Isarescu recommending fraudulent financial advice. Since he's a reputable fig successful finance, what he says could mislead group into buying fraudulent stocks and losing money.

"We are highly concerned astir nan important emergence of these types of fraud attempts and we impulse group to beryllium very observant pinch each transaction that they make," said Dan Suciu, a typical of nan cardinal bank.

Bloomberg noted that nan emergence successful financial scams successful Romania is fueled by caller events for illustration its largest first nationalist offering and amended returns offered by nan Bucharest Stock Exchange. 

The deepfake of Isarescu follows basking connected nan heels of different incident successful Hong Kong, wherever a doctored video of an worker managed to instrumentality nan company's main financial serviceman into transferring $25 cardinal into a miscreant’s accounts during a virtual meeting. Police judge AI was utilized to create nan synthetic footage. 

Waymo nether investigation for colliding into cyclist

The San Francisco Police Department and California Department of Motor Vehicles are investigating an incident wherever a driverless Waymo conveyance collided pinch a cyclist. 

Waymo's car was stopped astatine four-way intersection past week, and its position was reportedly blocked by a motortruck passing by. As nan motortruck turned, nan self-driving conveyance started moving guardant and collapsed into a cyclist that was besides turning aft nan truck, Reuters reported. The car braked, but not successful clip to debar moving into nan cyclist.  

"The cyclist was occluded by nan motortruck and quickly followed down it, crossing into nan Waymo vehicle's path," a institution spokesperson told The Verge. "When they became afloat visible, our conveyance applied dense braking but was not capable to debar nan collision."

Thankfully, nan mishap seems for illustration a insignificant 1 and nan cyclist didn't request to beryllium taken to infirmary afterwards. Officials successful California, however, are peculiarly antsy astir self-driving exertion amid its ongoing investigation pinch rival biz Cruise. 

Last twelvemonth successful October, a driverless Cruise car ran over a woman, who was knocked into its way from different incoming vehicle, and dragged her 20 feet on nan streets of San Francisco. Cruise's licence to thrust connected nan roads was temporarily suspended, and it has grounded each of its cars successful different states too. 

Meanwhile, national authorities agencies, including nan US Department of Justice and nan Securities Exchange Commission person launched their ain investigations into nan accident. ®