New AirPods teased for 2024, to little surprise

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Apple AirPods Pro 2 successful their USB-C and MagSafe case.Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

It’s been a small while since we’ve seen a due refresh of Apple’s AirPods line. And fixed that we’re successful nan backmost 4th of 2023 it should travel arsenic nary astonishment that connection is starting to trickle retired astir caller products perchance coming successful 2024. Those words travel by measurement of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who cites unnamed sources detailing changes up successful nan caller year.

On pat include:

  • New AirPods Max, which haven’t been touched since they were released successful December 2020.
  • New entry-level AirPods. Apple presently still sells nan second-generation (2019) AirPods alongside a redesigned third-generation (2021) model, and it’s unclear what a caller debased extremity would mean. But Gurman makes it sound for illustration Apple will support 2 options, pinch nan (new) mid-range including progressive sound cancellation, and an updated lawsuit pinch speakers for Find My alerts.
  • The AirPods Pro, which are presently successful their 2nd (and a half) loop (and a twelvemonth old) and still unit astatine $250, won’t spot different refresh until 2025.
  • And it’s beautiful safe to opportunity that thing caller will travel pinch USB-C alternatively of Lightning connectors.

New designs and processors are besides to beryllium expected, of course. And fig Apple will tout improved capacity and audio quality. What you really should beryllium connected nan lookout for is immoderate benignant of caller health-related features. It’ll besides beryllium absorbing to spot really immoderate refreshed AirPods fresh into Apple’s Vision Pro strategy arsenic nan VR/AR headset yet starts to get into consumers’ hands and onto their faces successful 2024 and beyond. As it presently stands, only nan second-generation AirPods Pro person been mentioned successful nan aforesaid condemnation arsenic Vision Pro, pinch some devices having nan H2 spot connected board. Whether AirPods Max spot support for Vision Pro remains to beryllium seen, though you person to wonderment if Apple intends anyone to person that overmuch hardware connected their head.

In immoderate case, yeah. New AirPods are coming adjacent year. Stay tuned.

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