New cybercrime market 'OLVX' gains popularity among hackers

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A caller cybercrime marketplace, OLVX, has emerged and is quickly gaining caller customers looking to acquisition devices to behaviour online fraud and cyberattacks.

OLVX follows a caller inclination wherever cybercrime marketplaces are progressively hosted connected nan clearnet alternatively of nan acheronian web, making them much accessible to a broader scope of users and imaginable to beforehand done hunt motor optimization (SEO).

ZeroFox researchers, who first identified OLVX successful early July 2023, person reported a important uptick successful activity connected nan caller marketplace successful nan fall, noting a emergence successful some sellers and buyers.

This emergence successful OLVX's fame is attributed to SEO efforts from nan market's admins, advertisements connected hacker forums, promotion done nan platform's dedicated Telegram channel, and nan hacking community's "word of mouth.".

SEO keywords utilized  for drafting hunt trafficSEO keywords utilized  for drafting hunt traffic
Source: ZeroFox

"While nan OLVX marketplace offers thousands of individual products crossed galore categories, its tract administrators support relationships pinch various cybercriminals who create civilization toolkits and tin get specialized files, thereby furthering OLVX's expertise to support and pull customers to nan platform." explains ZeroFox.

Buying connected OLVX

OLVX does not usage an escrow work for illustration astir markets of this kind, but alternatively offers a "deposit to nonstop payment" strategy supporting Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, and Perfect Money.

This encourages further spending for nan users arsenic costs are perpetually available, truthful browsing leads to much predominant purchases.

Customers moving debased connected costs are urged to "top-off" their accounts utilizing a time-limited anonymized cryptocurrency reside to support privateness and security.

OLVX hopepageOLVX hopepage
Source: ZeroFox

While deposited costs make it easier to make purchases, they besides make it easier for nan marketplace operators to execute an exit scam to bargain each deposited cryptocurrency.

What's connected sale

OLVX hosts thousands of low-cost integer items, software, and services to behaviour cybercrime aliases heighten existing operations.

The items sold connected OLVX tin beryllium summarized arsenic follows:

  • Access to compromised morganatic websites worldwide, pinch nan expertise to verify nan relationship earlier purchase. Prices are arsenic debased arsenic nether $5.
  • Over 6,000 active cPanel accesses are available, presumably from compromised sites. Details for illustration country, domain, hosting provider, and rankings are provided, pinch prices mostly nether $10.
  • Compromised Remote Desktop Protocol and Secure Shell access to perchance morganatic servers, priced nether $10, pinch verification of credentials' validity earlier purchase. Pricing varies based connected entree level and strategy specs.
  • Over 1,000 compromised SMTP accounts and scripts for moving email campaigns, pinch prices little than $10.
  • Over 8,000 compromised webmail credentials, allowing for searches of circumstantial domains needed for societal engineering attacks, priced astatine conscionable a fewer dollars.
  • Bulk lists containing email addresses and compromised credentials, utilized for large-scale attacks for illustration phishing aliases brute force, priced betwixt $1-200 depending connected nan database size, target, and country.
  • Credentials from circumstantial domains/services, including personification to administrator access, pinch prices varying. Items for waste see accounts from big websites, providing a societal engineering angle.
  • Pre-developed phishing kits, immoderate pinch precocious features for illustration 2FA bypass, priced up to $150 for feature-rich kits and beneath $20 for wide pages. The kits target various sectors, including unit and finance.
Buying various items connected OLVXBuying shells connected OLVX
Source: ZeroFox

Independently verifying nan validity and value of nan supra is impossible, fixed nan quality of nan platform.

However, OLVX's rising fame and reputable opinionated lend credibility to nan authenticity of astir disposable items.

Zerofox reports that activity connected nan level culminates arsenic we attack nan vacation shopping period, truthful buyers are advised to support heightened vigilance to place and debar scams.