NFL on YouTube TV buffering? You’re not alone today

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An correction connection for nan NFL connected YouTube and YouTube TVPhil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Bad news for anyone who relies connected YouTube and YouTube TV for their NFL games — there’s immoderate definite lag happening today. So bad and truthful evident that there’s a message atop nan YouTube TV thief pages.

The connection reads: “If you’re experiencing buffering issues connected YouTube our squad is alert and moving connected a fix. YouTube TV aliases NFL Sunday Ticket whitethorn besides beryllium impacted.”

On nan extremity personification broadside of things, you mightiness spot excessive loading times. We’re besides seeing decreased solution and/or framework rate. Sometimes it’s 1 aliases nan other. Sometimes it’s both. (We’ve besides been incapable to watch YouTube TV connected a Nest Hub Max, for what that’s worth.)

Having your NFL games lagging is ne'er a bully thing, but it’s peculiarly bad pinch YouTube TV being nan biggest unrecorded streaming work successful nan United States pinch more than 5 cardinal subscribers astatine past count — and Google says it’s still growing, acknowledgment to NFL Sunday Ticket having made nan move to YouTube TV and YouTube proper.

And possibly making things moreover worse is that there’s not a darn point immoderate of america tin do but wait.

So astatine this point, you’ve sewage a mates options. One is to displacement complete to an over-the-air antenna, which theoretically shouldn’t beryllium affected. (Unless nan problem is pinch nan root broadcasts.) Or you could move to a YouTube TV replacement for a spot and dream it has a free proceedings to get you done nan weekend.

Or you could conscionable caput retired to your friends vicinity sports bar, a friend’s house, aliases conscionable spell extracurricular and bask nan sunshine.

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