NFL Sunday Ticket free trial: How to watch free for a week

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In a somewhat astonishing and somewhat quiet shift, YouTube and YouTube TV are offering up a free seven-day proceedings of NFL Sunday Ticket. That is, you tin watch immoderate and each games (barring section blackouts) connected a fixed Sunday, and past cancel if you want. Or support NFL Sunday Ticket and watch each nan games connected each nan Sundays.

The specifications were unceremoniously dropped connected a YouTube/YouTube TV support page. The free tests should beryllium disposable now, but nan page does statement that “if you don’t spot nan 7-day proceedings astatine checkout, effort again soon.”

Otherwise, it’s a comparatively modular free proceedings scheme. It’s disposable some for NFL Sunday Ticket connected its own, aliases if you bundle it pinch NFL RedZone, which is nan abstracted transmission that shows scoring plays arsenic they’re astir to happen.

There is simply a small spot of good print, though. In summation to only being disposable pinch a subscription done YouTube aliases YouTube TV, it’s  besides excludes deals done mobile carriers (Verizon is giving distant NFL Sunday Ticket for free) aliases different providers. The free proceedings besides doesn’t activity pinch nan NFL Sunday Ticket monthly costs plans, with student plans, aliases for anyone who’s already signed up for NFL Sunday Ticket.

It’s each portion of a beautiful seismic alteration for NFL Sunday Ticket, which utilized to beryllium shackled to DirecTV’s outer service, but made nan leap successful 2023 to YouTube and YouTube TV (it’s still connected DirecTV successful bars and restaurants and nan like). In summation to individual games connected Sundays (thus nan name), you’ll besides get unrecorded chats (which surely won’t go a flaming mess), cardinal plays, item videos, and more.

On YouTube TV, NFL Sunday Ticket costs $349 for nan play aliases $389 if you adhd NFL RedZone. Add $100 a play to each if you want to watch via YouTube Primetime Channels (though you tin still get $50 disconnected crossed nan committee done September 19).

To motion up connected YouTube TV and get nan NFL Sunday Ticket free trial, caput into your account settings and subscribe. To get nan free proceedings via YouTube Primetime Channels, caput to nan NFL YouTube channel and motion up there.

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