NFL Sunday Ticket in 2023: Everything you need to know

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NFL Sunday Ticket connected a TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

It’s time. After years attached to nan DirecTV outer service, NFL Sunday Ticket is now connected YouTube and YouTube TV. That’s a large woody because it’s moved from a work that required specialized hardware and agelong contracts to 1 that is full ubiquitous. If you’re successful nan U.S. and you person entree to nan Internet, you almost surely person entree to YouTube and YouTube TV, and truthful NFL Sunday Ticket.

It’s besides a immense woody for nan Google/Alphabet-owned properties. They’re nary alien to unrecorded sports, having advertised YouTube TV passim immoderate of nan biggest sporting events around. And while you’ve agelong been capable to watch immense events for illustration nan Super Bowl, NBA Finals, FIFA World Cup, and nan World Series connected YouTube TV, that was via personification else’s broadcast, a la cable. This time, it’s each connected Google’s shoulders.

And nan YouTube infrastructure is vast. It’s nan world work that provides feline videos connected demand. (Among different things.) And YouTube TV is nan starring unrecorded streaming work successful nan U.S., pinch more than 5 cardinal subscribers arsenic of mid-2022. (The institution doesn’t regularly springiness updates connected subscription totals, but nobody’s gotten close.)

So, yeah. It’s a large woody that NFL Sunday Ticket is connected YouTube and YouTube TV.

How to get NFL Sunday Ticket

Again, to spell it out, you person 2 options by which you tin subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • NFL Sunday Ticket connected YouTube TV: This is nan afloat smash. You get much than 100 linear channels, positive unlimited recording, and your section broadcast channels. And you’ll get NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket connected YouTube: You’ll subscribe via YouTube proper. (This besides is referred to arsenic YouTube Primetime Channels.) No other linear channels. No broadcast channels. Just YouTube. And NFL Sunday Ticket.

NFL RedZone — fundamentally a transmission of unrecorded scoring attempts arsenic they’re happening — is still beryllium disposable connected nan YouTube and YouTube TV options, but for abstracted fees. For nan latter, it’s besides disposable arsenic portion of nan $11-a-month Sports Plus add-on.

How overmuch does NFL Sunday Ticket cost?

NFL Sunday Ticket is not a inexpensive subscription. That’s by design. A afloat play still costs respective 100 dollars. The bully news? You tin now salary for NFL Sunday Ticket monthly, and not conscionable each astatine once. (That’ll beryllium bully whether you’re watching connected YouTube TV aliases connected YouTube proper, though it’s not disposable successful Georgia, New York, Minnesota, Nevada, Missouri, Tennessee, aliases New Jersey.)

Here’s how nan pricing options break down:

  • On YouTube TV: A regular subscription will costs $349 for nan season, aliases $389 if you besides want NFL RedZone.
  • On YouTube Primetime Channels: A regular subscription costs $449 for nan season, and $489 if you want NFL RedZone.
NFL Sunday Ticket plans arsenic seen connected a phone.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

NFL Sunday Ticket discounts

Those prices supra are earlier immoderate discounts. Right now, Google’s taking $50 disconnected nan top, which brings nan YouTube TV down to $300 total, aliases astir $75 a period for 4 months. (Or $340 aliases $85 a period if you want to adhd NFL RedZone.)

If you want to subscribe via YouTube Primetime Channels (that is, nan YouTube due service), you’ll salary $400 without NFL RedZone, and $439 if you want RedZone.

Both NFL Sunday Ticket discounts are bully done September 19, 2023.

For what it’s worth, those prices are a small higher than what DirecTV subscribers paid — nan 2022 play costs conscionable awkward of $300. And, again, beryllium connected nan lookout for discounts.

NFL Sunday Ticket free trial

And successful a small spot of a astonishment move, you besides tin get an NFL Sunday Ticket free proceedings erstwhile you motion up. It’s bully for 7 days, which will fto you watch 1 Sunday’s worthy of games earlier you person to perpetrate to respective 100 dollars worthy of football.

That’s nan good people — you only get nan NFL Sunday Ticket free proceedings if you opt to salary each astatine once. The monthly action doesn’t let for it. (Nor does nan student plan, but that’s not surprising.)

Otherwise, nan NFL Sunday Ticket free proceedings gets you everything nan work has to offer. It’s conscionable that you get nan first week for free.

NFL Sunday Ticket student plan

There’s besides a method by which you tin salary little via an NFL Sunday Ticket student plan. And it’s a important discount. Eligible students tin get NFL Sunday Ticket for $109 for nan season. (Or $119 if you besides want NFL RedZone.)

There’s immoderate good print, of course. You person to beryllium 18 years old, and beryllium enrolled arsenic a student astatine an accredited assemblage aliases university. That will beryllium verified by SheerID. So you can’t conscionable instrumentality .edu connected nan extremity of your email and expect to get nan NFL Sunday Ticket student discount.

Can you watch much than 1 crippled astatine a time?

Yes! NFL Sunday Ticket supports arsenic galore concurrent streams arsenic you want. So you tin watch a crippled connected your surviving room TV while personification other is watching different crippled successful nan room aliases bedroom. (Or both.) Or personification could beryllium watching connected their phone. (Note that nan student scheme is constricted to a azygous stream, though.)

And past there’s multiview: That’s nan characteristic that lets you watch up to 4 games astatine erstwhile connected nan aforesaid TV, and move things astir astatine your leisure, truthful you tin switch games arsenic 1 gets much exciting.

NFL Sunday Ticket connected YouTube TV.Google / Google

Can you get a refund connected NFL Sunday Ticket?

Nope. There is nary measurement to refund NFL Sunday Ticket. Once you bargain it, it’s yours. There are nary refunds aliases cancellations.

Does NFL Sunday Ticket automatically renew?

This part’s important, because we’re talking astir respective 100 dollars. So salary attention.

If you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube TV, it’s for a azygous play only. There’s nary automatic renewal, and you’ll person to motion up again for nan 2024-25 season.

But if you motion up via YouTube Primetime Channels, your NFL Sunday Ticket will automatically renew until you cancel it. That’s overseas and annoying, but it’s nan measurement it is for now. Consider yourself warned.

NFL Sunday Ticket info arsenic seen connected a TV.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Will location beryllium blackouts?

According to nan existent YouTube TV position and conditions, blackouts are still imaginable if nan location crippled doesn’t waste out. (As successful waste retired each of its tickets.) In that case, nan crippled would beryllium unavailable successful that region.

YouTube TV uses your billing reside ZIP codification to find this — but it’s besides imaginable that it’ll usage your phone’s location information if you’re distant from location but still wrong a blackout zone. “If location is an outage successful your location,” nan T&Cs say, “we’ll do our champion to fto you know.”

The much things change, nan much they enactment nan same, apparently.

Will location beryllium squad packages?

There was a bully spot of scuttlebutt astir whether NFL Sunday Ticket will beryllium disposable successful immoderate different forms, now that it’s making nan leap to a much progressive integer platform.

The short reply is that location won’t beryllium squad packages aliases single-game purchases. It’s each aliases nothing.

The disorder came mostly from an first deficiency of details. And connected an section of The Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast, NFL main media and business serviceman Brian Rolapp said that immoderate of nan specifications are still successful nan useful and that different options whitethorn beryllium possible. “I don’t cognize that we’ll spell squad by team,” Rolapp said. “But could you get less games astatine a lesser price? I deliberation that’s each up for statement and conversation.”

But successful a FAQ posted to Reddit and astatine YouTube TV’s thief pages, a YouTube TV organization head wrote that “We aren’t presently offering student discounts aliases azygous team/individual crippled purchasing options.”

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