NFL Sunday Ticket presale starts today — save on the 2024 season

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NFL Sunday Ticket connected a TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Aside from a fewer scant hiccups, nan inaugural play of NFL Sunday Ticket connected YouTube and YouTube TV was a beautiful rousing success. And today, Google has begun presales for nan 2024-25 season, that’ll prevention you a fewer bucks.

For those caller to NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s a subscription strategy by which you tin watch each out-of-market game. So if you’re in, say, Saints state but are a die-hard Steelers fan, you tin watch each Pittsburgh crippled to spot if they fig retired this backmost thing, moreover if it’s not being broadcast successful your area. You tin do truthful either done YouTube TV or connected YouTube due via YouTube Primetime Channels. (Before nan 2023 season, you had to person DirecTV’s outer work to get NFL Sunday Ticket. )

You tin salary each astatine once, if you prefer, aliases divided things into 4 monthly payments. (Which astir spans nan afloat regular season.) Once again, you’ll person nan action to bundle successful NFL RedZone, which is simply a abstracted transmission that focuses connected scoring plays arsenic they’re astir to happen.

Perfect for watching NFL, NBA, and more, you tin people 50% disconnected your first period of unrecorded TV pinch Sling TV.

One reasonably evident caveat: All of this only applies to Sunday games. Monday Night Football is still connected ESPN, and Thursday Night Football is still exclusive to Amazon Prime Video. Note that nan $50 savings is only disposable to caller subscribers to NFL Sunday Ticket, contempt each play being discrete. (Google knows who you are since this each goes done your Google account.)

Here’s really nan presale costs breaks down if you spell nan YouTube TV route:

  • $299 upfront, aliases $74.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket only.
  • $339 upfront, aliases $84.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone.

And if you want to watch done YouTube Primetime Channels:

  • $399 upfront, aliases $99.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket only.
  • $439 upfront, aliases $109.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone.

The value discrepancy is owed to nan further interest you’re already paying for YouTube TV, which runs $73 a month. Another sweetener to watching via YouTube TV is multiview, nan characteristic that lets you watch up to 4 games astatine 1 time, which is cleanable if you person a ample TV astatine home. And it looks for illustration YouTube TV will yet fto you pick your ain games to watch successful multiview successful clip for nan 2024 season.

Just beryllium judge to prevention 1 of those 4 windows for wherever Taylor Swift happens to beryllium that week.

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