NFL Sunday Ticket slashes price for the back half of the season

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NFL Sunday Ticket connected a TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

We’re halfway done nan 2023/24 NFL season, which is nan first for NFL Sunday Ticket connected YouTube and YouTube TV. By astir accounts, it’s been a successful rookie play contempt a pretty awesome hiccup this past Sunday. And while we shouldn’t expect immoderate benignant of reparation for nan outage, those who didn’t make nan leap to NFL Sunday Ticket tin now do truthful for nan remainder of nan play astatine a sizable discount.

Here’s really things break down for nan remainder of nan season, depending connected wherever and really you want to watch. On YouTube TV, nan remainder of nan play costs $174 connected its own, aliases $194 if you want NFL RedZone. On YouTube due (via YouTube Primetime Channels), you’ll salary $224 for NFL Sunday Ticket connected its own, aliases $244 for NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone.

In different words, you’ll get half nan play — we’re astir to commencement Week 9, retired of 18 full — for astir half nan price. And to sweeten nan woody connected YouTube TV, you’ll besides get 2 free months of Max (formerly HBO Max) if you motion up.

The accustomed caveats each use here. If a crippled falls nether blackout rules wherever you live, that crippled won’t beryllium available. Also, erstwhile you pay, that’s it. No refunds.

Still, that’s not a bad woody if you person a squad that’s playing amended than you expected and you want to beryllium judge you tin watch them connected Sundays. And now’s a bully clip to punctual everyone that NFL Sunday Ticket is only bully for nan Sunday lunchtime and day games. Sunday Night, Thursday Night, and Monday nighttime games aren’t included here. But for Sundays? It’s been excellent, and besides lets you take advantage of multiview, truthful you tin watch aggregate games astatine once.

While Google hasn’t said really galore subscribers NFL Sunday Ticket has garnered successful its first play connected YouTube and YouTube TV, execs did opportunity successful nan company’s third-quarter net telephone that YouTube TV was still growing, acknowledgment successful nary mini portion to NFL Sunday Ticket. We besides don’t cognize really overmuch maturation we’re talking about. The past numbers Google gave for YouTube TV put nan streaming work astatine 5 cardinal subscribers arsenic of mid-2022, and it should still beryllium nan largest of its type successful nan U.S.

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Verizon is giving distant NFL Sunday Ticket for free

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The woody will beryllium disposable starting July 27.

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That intends you'll beryllium capable to watch connected arsenic galore devices arsenic you person connected hand, whether they're phones, TVs, aliases tablets, successful a web browser, aliases connected different devices, for illustration a smart TV aliases gaming platform.

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That doesn't mean that Apple is nan only measurement to watch immoderate of nan apical formation of processional shot successful nan U.S. And there's a spot of explaining to do erstwhile it comes to precisely wherever and really you tin watch. But nan short type is that Apple seems for illustration a beautiful bully location for nan astir celebrated athletics successful nan world, and 1 that continues to turn by leaps and bounds successful America.

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