Nintendo’s next console may feature DLSS and ray-tracing support

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom will beryllium Nintendo's first Switch crippled to beryllium priced astatine $70. News that Tears of nan Kingdom, a sequel to 1 of nan bestselling and astir critically acclaimed titles connected nan system, will person an accrued value compared to its predecessor came arsenic a astonishment complete three-and-a-half years aft its announcement. It besides raised questions astir what nan early of pricing for Nintendo games will be, particularly arsenic Sony, Microsoft, and third-party publishers each upped nan costs of their caller games successful caller years. 
While Nintendo will merchandise Tears of Kingdom astatine $70, a spokesperson for nan institution tells Digital Trends that this will not ever beryllium nan lawsuit for its first-party games going forward. 
"No," nan spokesperson said erstwhile Digital Trends asked if this is simply a caller standard. "We find nan suggested unit value for immoderate Nintendo merchandise connected a case-by-case basis." 
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom – Official Trailer #2
To get much penetration into nan value shift, I said to Omdia Principal Analyst George Jijiashvili, who explains what has caused nan value of games to spell up successful caller years and really Tears of nan Kingdom demonstrates that Nintendo will "remain elastic astir first-party title pricing." Ultimately, Nintendo fans are yet starting to consciousness nan effect of ostentation that's been sweeping crossed nan crippled industry, moreover if it's only "on a case-by-case basis" for now.
The value is right
Nintendo claims that not each 1 of its important first-party crippled will beryllium $70, and we tin really already spot that successful action. Preorders conscionable went unrecorded for Pikmin 4, which launches connected July 21, aft Tears of nan Kingdom, and it only costs $60. Still, Zelda's value tag indicates that going forward, Nintendo will astatine slightest see raising nan value of its astir anticipated games to $70. But why commencement pinch Tears of nan Kingdom?  
When asked why it chose Tears of nan Kingdom arsenic its first $70 Nintendo Switch game, a Nintendo spokesperson simply reiterated that nan institution will "determine nan suggested unit value for immoderate Nintendo merchandise connected a case-by-case basis." Still, it's a astonishing prime for Nintendo to make that pricing alteration to conscionable 1 exclusive crippled almost six years into nan Switch's life span. Jijiashvili thinks nan prime to do this pinch Tears of nan Kingdom was a beautiful evident 1 for Nintendo, though it won't use to everything going forward.
"If you are going to make a crippled $70, it's going to beryllium nan follow-up to 1 of your astir critically acclaimed and bestselling games ever," Jijiashvili tells Digital Trends. "I don’t deliberation that this intends that $70 will go nan modular value for each awesome Nintendo releases. It's worthy noting that Metroid Prime Remastered is priced astatine $40. It's clear that Nintendo will stay elastic astir first-party title pricing."

It makes basal financial consciousness for Nintendo to inquire for a small spot much for a crippled it knows will beryllium 1 of nan biggest releases of 2023. But what factors successful nan crippled manufacture and world's system astatine ample caused Nintendo to make this decision? 
Priced Out
For much than a decade, group sewage comfortable pinch AAA video games being priced astatine $60. Of course, location were occasional exceptions to this rule, but it was seen arsenic an manufacture modular until nan dawn of nan PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Publisher 2K was 1 of nan first to denote a value increase, and companies for illustration EA, Sony, and Microsoft person each followed suit. Jijiashvili chalks this up to inflation-related unit connected crippled publishers.
"The games manufacture has already been experiencing a batch of inflationary pressure," he explains. "AAA games are overmuch much costly to make now than they utilized to be, but prices person really been declining successful inflation-adjusted position -- if prices had risen pinch ostentation since 1990, they would now beryllium complete $90. On apical of that, we’ve had a large burst of wide inflation, meaning that publishers are looking astatine large increases successful everything from salaries to tools. It’s going to beryllium really difficult for astir publishers to debar passing connected each those other costs astatine immoderate point."
Jijiashvili provided america pinch a schematic created by Omdia that "shows what nan emblematic value points for each procreation would look for illustration if you adjusted for inflation." As you tin see, nan inflation-adjusted prices are only exponentially growing, and nan large crippled pricing shifts nan chart highlights were each technically not moreover capable to support up pinch ostentation erstwhile they happened.