Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2023 is live: Here’s how to see your stats

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It's been a awesome twelvemonth for Nintendo, which intends that if you're a Switch owner, it's astir apt been a awesome twelvemonth for you, too. If you're wondering what games you played this twelvemonth and really galore hours you invested successful them, you'll want to cheque retired your Nintendo Switch Year successful Review. This look astatine nan past 12 months will springiness you a batch of penetration into really you spent your clip gaming and what types of experiences you look to gravitate toward, truthful you won't want to miss retired connected specified a nosy glimpse astatine your gaming habits. Here's really to entree your Nintendo Switch Year successful Review for 2023.

An image of nan Nintendo Switch - OLED Model Mario Red Edition. Nintendo

How to position and stock your Nintendo Switch Year successful Review 2023 stats

When you're fresh to spot what you sewage up to connected your Switch this year, travel these instructions.

Step 1: Go to nan Nintendo Switch Year successful Review website.

Step 2: Sign successful to your Nintendo Account.

Step 3: Select Get Started beneath nan elephantine 2023 banner.

Step 4: Scroll done your stats, which will see things for illustration your full played games, really galore hours you spent playing, and moreover which period you spent nan astir clip utilizing your Switch.

Step 5: Show disconnected your stats to others by heading to nan Download Your Stats section, past selecting Share.

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Where to get Ballistic Shields successful Fortnite and really they work

ballistic shield

You tin ever count connected Epic to find caller and breathtaking ways to support Fortnite emotion caller each these years later. Chapter 5, play 1 has kept up that inclination pinch a assortment of thrilling items that alteration up nan meta a lot, including nan Ballistic Shield, which whitethorn beryllium nan champion individual protect point ever added to nan game. Here's wherever to find them and really they work.
Where to get Ballistic Shields and really they work
Ballistic Shields tin beryllium recovered connected nan crushed aliases successful chests each crossed nan map. Even so, it's rather a uncommon item, truthful you could walk a lucifer aliases 2 without seeing 1 unless you way down and return retired your foes – which you'll presumably beryllium doing anyway.

The Ballistic Shield whitethorn beryllium 1 of nan caller season's astir powerful and noteworthy caller items, arsenic it offers immoderate important protect possibilities that tin really travel successful useful during firefights. By equipping and holding it up, you'll summation a important magnitude of protection for your assemblage while being granted a pistol that you tin usage to sprout your foes. While nan shield tin beryllium temporarily abnormal aft taking capable hits, it absorbs rather a batch of bullets that would different beryllium going into you.

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Where to get Grapple Blades successful Fortnite and really they work

grapple blade

With each caller play of Fortnite, you tin count connected location being astatine slightest immoderate benignant of mobility point added that helps you quickly move crossed nan representation successful a unsocial and breathtaking way. With nan presence of section 5, play 1, players tin now activity retired and equip nan brand-new Grapple Blade item. If you want each of nan mobility of a Web-Slinger pinch nan harm output of a Kinetic Blade, you'll want to prime 1 of these up. Here's wherever to find them and really they work.
Where to get Grapple Blades and really they work
Grapple Blades tin beryllium recovered connected nan crushed and successful chests each crossed this season's map. Keep successful mind, however, that they're comparatively rare, meaning it's sometimes imaginable to spell full matches without seeing one. Of course, that's conscionable a bully inducement to way down and conclusion your opponents to spot if they time off 1 behind.

When this hybrid mobility and harm point is equipped, you'll announcement that it shows a cursor connected surfaces you tin grapple to. Doing truthful will nonstop you propelling toward nan aboveground beautiful quickly, making it a awesome prime for escaping a firefight aliases uncovering precocious crushed successful nan midst of one. But earlier you get carried away, it's worthy noting that you only person 4 charges astatine a clip pinch a Grapple Blade, though it will recharge 1 astatine a clip each 12 seconds.

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Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation Portal: which portable instrumentality is best?

playstation portal reappraisal distant subordinate vs move oled

Handheld gaming has travel backmost successful a large measurement this past generation. Nintendo formerly held nan crown arsenic nan king of nan dedicated handheld marketplace pinch its unfathomably successful DS line, which would yet harvester into a location console pinch nan arsenic awesome Switch. PlayStation attempted to get into this marketplace pinch nan PSP and PS Vita but appeared to front retired of that title erstwhile nan second grounded to execute overmuch success. However, nan caller PlayStation Portal instrumentality could supply players pinch an replacement to Nintendo's aging system.

If you're debating betwixt nan Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Portal, here's a afloat breakdown of really nan 2 devices stack up.
Nintendo Switch Vs. PlayStation Portal specs
When it comes to specs, let's commencement pinch nan easy comparisons.

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