Nissan Australia cyberattack claimed by Akira ransomware gang

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Today, nan Akira ransomware pack claimed that it breached nan web of Nissan Australia, nan Australian section of Japanese car shaper Nissan.

In a caller introduction added to nan operation's day leak blog connected December 22, Akira says that its operators allegedly stole astir 100GB of documents from nan automaker's systems.

The attackers person threatened to leak delicate business and customer information online, arsenic ransom negotiations pinch Nissan grounded after the institution either refused to prosecute aliases salary nan ransom.

"They look not to beryllium very willing successful nan data, truthful we will upload it for you wrong a fewer days," nan ransomware group says. "You will find docs pinch individual accusation of their labor successful nan archives and overmuch different willing worldly for illustration NDAs, projects, accusation astir clients and partners etc."

Akira surfaced successful March 2023 and drew attraction aft quickly amassing a ample number of victims from various manufacture sectors.

In June 2023, Akira ransomware operators started deploying a Linux version of their encryptor designed to target VMware ESXi virtual machines wide utilized successful endeavor environments.

According to negotiations seen by BleepingComputer, nan ransomware group is asking for ransom payments from $200,000 to millions of dollars, depending connected nan breached organization's size.

While different ransomware strain named Akira was released five years ago, successful 2017, nan 2 operations are improbable to beryllium related.

Akira Nissan information leak entryAkira Nissan information leak introduction (BleepingComputer)

​Nissan still moving to reconstruct systems

While nan institution has yet to property a cyberattack disclosed connected December 5, it did adhd a caller update to its website coming confirming that attackers person breached immoderate of its systems successful Australia and New Zealand.

Nissan says it's still investigating nan incident's effect and whether individual accusation has been accessed. It's besides moving connected restoring systems affected successful nan onslaught (a process that started connected December 5, aft nan incident was disclosed.

"We cannot yet corroborate nan grade of nan cyber incident. We are moving pinch our world incident consequence squad and cybersecurity experts to analyse nan incident arsenic a matter of urgency," Nissan said.

"Some trader systems will beryllium impacted however, your section Nissan Dealership is operating. Please speak straight to your section Nissan trader to assistance pinch each conveyance and servicing queries."

After detecting nan breach, Nissan notified nan Australian and nan New Zealand Cyber Security Centres and applicable privateness regulators and rule enforcement bodies.

Likely because of nan consequence that immoderate information stored connected nan compromised systems was either accessed aliases stolen, Nissan besides warned customers to "be vigilant for immoderate different aliases suspicious online activity."

Nissan has yet to reply to a petition for remark and further accusation connected nan cyber incident from BleepingComputer.