No, 3 million electric toothbrushes were not used in a DDoS attack

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Electric Toothbrushes

A wide reported communicative that 3 cardinal electrical toothbrushes were hacked pinch malware to behaviour distributed denial of work (DDoS) attacks is apt a hypothetical script alternatively of an existent attack.

Last week, Swiss news site Aargauer Zeitung published a communicative stating that an worker of cybersecurity patient Fortinet said 3 cardinal electrical toothbrushes had been infected pinch Java malware to behaviour DDoS attacks against a Swiss company.

"The electrical toothbrush is programmed pinch Java, and criminals person unnoticed installed malware connected it - for illustration connected 3 cardinal different toothbrushes," sounds nan article.

"One bid is capable and nan remote-controlled toothbrushes simultaneously entree nan website of a Swiss company. The tract collapses and is paralyzed for 4 hours. Millions of dollars successful harm is caused."

The communicative is melodramatic and decidedly newsworthy, if accurate, and began sweeping done different exertion news sites yesterday, pinch galore publications covering nan alleged onslaught without verifying nan story.

However, location is 1 problem pinch nan story—there is nary grounds that this onslaught ever happened.

Fortinet, who was attributed arsenic nan root of nan article, has not published immoderate accusation astir this onslaught and has not responded to repeated requests for remark from BleepingComputer since nan "toothbrush botnet" communicative went viral yesterday.

A DDoS onslaught is erstwhile an attacker sends capable requests aliases information astatine a website to overwhelm its resources aliases bandwidth truthful that it tin nary longer judge requests from morganatic visitors, efficaciously making nan tract unusable.

This type of onslaught has been increasingly utilized by hacktivists to protestation a country's aliases business's activities aliases by threat actors who use them to extort businesses.

To behaviour these attacks, routers, servers, and IoT devices are hacked by brute forcing or using default passwords, or exploiting vulnerabilities.

Once a instrumentality is compromised, malware is installed to enlist it arsenic portion of their DDoS botnet and usage it connected attacks. These devices are past collectively utilized to motorboat powerful attacks against a specified target.

According to Statista, astir 17 cardinal IoT devices connected to nan net are expected to beryllium connected to nan net by nan extremity of 2024, offering a monolithic footprint of devices that could perchance beryllium recruited into DDoS botnets.

However, it is doubtful that 3 cardinal electrical toothbrushes would beryllium exposed to nan net truthful that they could beryllium infected pinch malware.

Instead, this was apt a hypothetical script shared by Fortinet pinch nan newspaper that was misunderstood aliases taken retired of discourse to create a communicative that is wide disputed by information experts.

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Furthermore, electrical toothbrushes do not link straight to nan net but alternatively usage Bluetooth to link to mobile apps that past upload your information to web-based platforms. 

This intends that a monolithic hack for illustration this could only person been achieved done a proviso concatenation onslaught that pushed down malicious firmware to nan devices.

However, location is nary grounds of this happening. If it did, it would beryllium a overmuch bigger communicative than a DDoS attack.

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While a communicative of a toothbrush DDoS botnet taking down a tract is amusing (and almost decidedly untrue), it’s still a bully reminder that threat actors would target immoderate Internet-exposed device.

This includes routers, servers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), printers, and web cameras.

Therefore, it is basal for immoderate instrumentality exposed to nan net to person nan latest information updates and beardown passwords to forestall them from being recruited into DDoS botnets.
The bully news is that it apt won't beryllium your toothbrush, truthful support brushing.