NordVPN tries to scare you into using its new Apple TV app

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NordVPN app listing connected Apple TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

As we’ve written previously, tvOS 17 opened nan floodgates for VPNs to tally connected Apple TV hardware. And nan awesome players are each connected board, on pinch immoderate you’ve apt ne'er heard of because not everyone has a immense trading budget. First it was ExpressVPN, and coming NordVPN has announced its availability.

Whereas immoderate companies tout a VPN’s expertise to fto you watch contented that’s not disposable successful your state — virtually by routing your web postulation done different state — NordVPN is going pinch scare strategies successful promoting its virtual backstage web connected Apple TV.

“Users often hide that mobile phones and computers are not nan only gateways to your web for cybercriminals,” Vykintas Maknickas, caput of merchandise strategy astatine NordVPN, wrote successful an email announcing nan readiness of NordVPN connected Apple TV. “A smart TV is usually connected to nan internet, truthful it tin besides beryllium hacked, and cybercriminals tin spy connected users, bargain data, aliases moreover effort to entree different devices connected nan location network. A dedicated VPN app for Apple TV will let our users to guarantee cybersecurity and protect their privacy. Moreover, a VPN tin moreover amended nan streaming acquisition by expanding users’ privacy.”

That’s … rather a statement. It besides has much than a small spot of Chicken Little successful it. Yes, immoderate connected instrumentality “can beryllium hacked.” Yes, “cybercriminals tin spy connected users, bargain data, aliases moreover effort to entree different devices connected nan location network.” But it’s important to statement that a VPN unto itself surely won’t support that past portion from happening. And nan broad “steal your data” trope is conscionable that — a trope.

And this is simply a bully clip to punctual folks — you know, for illustration users who often hide that mobile phones and computers are not nan only gateways to your web for cybercriminals — that net postulation tends to beryllium encrypted, nan apps you already usage astir apt nonstop “your data” much places than you realize, and are you telling maine I’ve been utilizing Apple TV for each these years without personification taking complete each nan different devices connected our network? Guess I was conscionable lucky.

It’s besides a bully reminder that you’re really trading 1 maestro for another. NordVPN’s email notes that “once connected to a VPN server, 3rd parties specified arsenic an ISP tin nary longer travel nan user’s activities online.” That really intends that you’re trading your ISP’s DNS lookup servers for NordVPN’s DNS lookup servers, truthful it’s nan second that’s capable to spot which websites you’re going to and nary longer nan former.

And pinch that, it’s a bully clip to punctual everyone that a VPN isn’t magic that makes you vanish from nan internet. It’s a tunnel. And you request to beryllium capable to spot who controls nan tunnel, because that’s wherever each your web accusation is now flowing.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a VPN to usage connected Apple TV truthful you tin entree nan contented from a streaming work that’s not different disposable successful your country, you tin now usage NordVPN to do so.

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