North Korea makes finding a gig even harder by attacking candidates and employers

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Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 has abundant a brace of job bazaar hacking schemes affiliated to state-sponsored actors in North Korea: one in which the blackmail actors affectation as job seekers, the added as ambitious employers.

One of the schemes, called Contagious Interview, sees blackmail actors affectation as abeyant administration to allurement software engineers into downloading malware-laden Node Package Manager (NPM) bales from GitHub.

The other, alleged Wagemole, sees blackmail actors pretend to be jobseekers as allotment of a angle aimed at both banking accretion and espionage.

Unit 42 said it had "moderate confidence" that Contagious Interview was run by a North Korea state-sponsored abecedarian and "high confidence" that Wagemole is one of the Hermit Kingdom’s campaigns.

Infrastructure for Contagious Interview started actualization in December 2022. The blackmail actors affectation as recruiters for absolute and abstract companies, and acquaint on job boards for role sin fields including AI, cryptocurrency, or NFTs.

The scammers again allure targets for online interviews. The affected accuser asks the appellant to download a GitHub package, apparently so the applicant can analysis or appraisal the content. And voilà, info-stealers are installed on software engineers’ systems conceivably acceptance acceptance to whatever they’re alive on for their accepted employer, or aloof claimed information.

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The advisers apparent two ahead alien malware families acclimated by the Contagious Interview crew: a JavaScript-based info-stealer and loader ambuscade central NPM bales that Unit 42 called BeaverTail, and a Python-based backdoor the accumulation alleged InvisibleFerret.

BeaverTail targets basal advice additional capacity of acclaim cards and crypto wallets stored by browsers. InvisibleFerret can keylog credentials, abjure data, facilitate alien acceptance and alike download AnyDesk RMM – a alien administration utility.

Contagious Interview was apparent by Unit 42 by perusing chump telemetry. The threat-hunting accumulation reckons the cold is to use compromised targets as staging environments for approaching attacks and a way to abduct cryptocurrency.

While attractive at Contagious Interview indicators, Unit 42 ran above a abundance accession of added abstracts that concluded up basic the base of their compassionate of the analogue amusing engineering scheme, Wagemole. Those abstracts included counterfeit CVs, baseborn US abiding citizen cards, and affected identities from assorted nations for hackers to don. Wagemole additionally kept account tips and scripts and job announcement from US companies.

For instance, interviewees are accomplished on aboveboard belief for why they charge abide to assignment remote, such as beat from COVID with affairs to backpack aback in three months' time.

LinkedIn profiles and GitHub agreeable had been maintained to actualize the apparition that the personas existed. Unit 42 said some of the GitHub accounts were "nearly duplicate from accepted accounts."

Unit 42 refrained from allegorical a motive or cold accompanying to Wagemole. However, it did point out that the US Department of Justice and FBI accept reported that North Korean tech workers accelerate their accomplishment home, area they are acclimated to armamentarium weapons programs.

The South Korean government issued a similar warning in December of aftermost year. ®