Nvidia RTX 4090 prices are skyrocketing as stocks run seriously low

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake October 27, 2023 2:44AM

If you were successful nan marketplace for a graphics paper during nan pandemic, you would person noticed that PC constituent prices – particularly those for graphics cards — went done nan roof. Now, GPU prices are surging erstwhile again, albeit for a very different reason.

It’s bad news if you’re looking to upgrade to 1 of nan best graphics cards, arsenic nan high-end Nvidia RTX 4090 is easy nan worst affected. That’ll beryllium grim reference if you looking to return your PC build to nan adjacent level.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

, prices for a ample scope of RTX 4090 cards person increased. Take nan wordily-named Zotac Gaming AMP Extreme AIRO, for example. According to an archived page, Newegg was trading it for $1,650 successful September, yet nan value is now $1,930 — an summation of 17%.

It’s not conscionable prices that are looking worrying, but GPU availability too. Check retired for RTX 4090 graphics cards and you’ll find that each azygous exemplary is retired of stock, and it’s a . There are simply very fewer ways to bargain 1 of these cards astatine these sites, sloppy of nan price.

Another GPU shortage?

A manus grabbing MSI's RTX 4090 Suprim X.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Curiously, galore different GPUs — some from Nvidia and AMD — look to beryllium unaffected, pinch prices astatine aliases beneath MSRP connected a scope of websites.

So, what’s causing this dire business for nan RTX 4090? Well, it could beryllium linked to nan U.S. authorities precocious banning nan export of AI-capable graphics cards to China. While astir of nan affected cards are Nvidia’s master artificial intelligence GPUs for illustration nan A100, nan RTX 4090 was included successful nan ban.

That seems to person spawned a frenzy of buying activity successful China (according to Wccftech, prices of nan RTX 4090 doubled location almost overnight). That appears to person spilled complete into different regions, pinch prices and readiness successful nan U.S. now earnestly affected.

With immoderate luck, this will conscionable beryllium a impermanent blip and we won’t request to panic amid nan benignant of wide shortages and value hikes seen during nan pandemic (or during nan first AI boom). But pinch nan vacation play accelerated approaching, we whitethorn beryllium successful for further struggles for a while longer.

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