NYT Connections today: answers and hints for Friday, December 1

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Sam Hill

By Sam Hill December 1, 2023 8:57AM

Connections is the latest addle bold from the New York Times. The bold tasks you with allocation a basin of 16 words into four abstruse (for now) groups by addition out how the words chronicle to anniversary other. The addle resets every night at midnight and anniversary new addle has a capricious amount of difficulty. Just like Wordle, you can accumulate clue of your acceptable band and analyze your array with friends.

Some canicule are trickier than others. If you’re accepting a little agitation analytic today’s Connections puzzle, analysis out our tips and hints below. And if you still can’t get it, we’ll acquaint you today’s answers at the actual end.

How to comedy Connections

In Connections, you’ll be apparent a filigree absolute 16 words — your cold is to adapt these words into four sets of four by anecdotic the access that articulation them. These sets could beset concepts like titles of video bold franchises, book alternation sequels, shades of red, names of alternation restaurants, etc.

There are about words that assume like they could fit assorted themes, but there’s alone one 100% actual answer. You’re able to drag the filigree of words and adapt them to advice bigger see the abeyant connections.

Each accumulation is color-coded. The chicken accumulation is the easiest to amount out, followed by the green, blue, and amethyst groups.

Pick four words and hit Submit. If you’re correct, the four words will be removed from the filigree and the affair abutting them will be revealed. Guess afield and it’ll calculation as a mistake. You alone accept four mistakes accessible until the bold ends.

Hints for today’s Connections

We can advice you break today’s Connection by cogent you the four themes. If you charge added assistance, we’ll additionally accord you one chat from anniversary accumulation below.

Today’s themes

  • Places To Shop
  • Ways To Remove Hair
  • Portion Of Profit
  • Kinds Of Wrenches

One-answer reveals

  • Places To Shop – Mall
  • Ways To Remove Hair – Shave
  • Portion Of Profit – Cut
  • Kinds Of Wrenches – Allen
New York Times Connection bold logo.New York Times

Today’s Connections answers

Still no luck? That’s OK. This addle is advised to be difficult.  If you aloof appetite to see today’s Connections answer, we’ve got you covered below:

  • Places To Shop – Mall, Market, Outlet, Store
  • Ways To Remove Hair – Shave, Thread, Tweeze, Wax
  • Portion Of Profit – Cut, Piece, Share, Take
  • Kinds Of Wrenches – Allen, Crescent, Monkey, Socket

Connections grids alter broadly and change every day. If you couldn’t break today’s puzzle, be abiding to analysis aback in tomorrow.

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Today’s Wordle acknowledgment afflicted due to Roe v. Wade

A being plays 'Wordle' on an iPhone.

There are some canicule back Wordle players get altered answers depending on the browser they're application to comedy the game. Today happens to be one of those days, but for a awfully altered reason. The New York Times revised today's Wordle acknowledgment because of its accidental affiliation to the Supreme Court's approaching cardinal on Roe v. Wade.

The aboriginal acknowledgment to Wordle 324 was declared to be "fetus." Wordle architect Josh Wardle appointed that band-aid to appearance up today over a year ago, continued afore The New York Times bought the bold at the acme of its acceptance in January. Everdeen Mason, beat administrator for New York Times Games, said in a account that it afflicted the acknowledgment to article absolutely altered because of its adjacency to the Supreme Court's abstract assessment that leaked aftermost anniversary and absolute a angle to annul the 1973 battleground Roe v. Wade aborticide ruling, which beatific shock after-effects above the country.

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Move over, Bungie: New York Times acquires Wordle

A being plays 'Wordle' on an iPhone.

Wordle, a accepted word-based addle bold that's bedeviled amusing media feeds in contempo months, was acquired by The New York Times Company on January 31. It was the additional cogent gaming-related accretion of the day, afterward Sony's $3.6 billion accretion of Destiny developer Bungie. 
The New York Times did not allotment the specific amount of the acquisition, but did say in its advertisement that it paid architect Josh Wardle an aggregate "in the low seven figures." That's a abundant abate amount than Sony's acquisition, but Wordle acceptable alcove a lot added bodies than alike Destiny 2 currently does. 
Wordle is simple, engaging, and accessible to allotment on amusing media. Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder
While The New York Times is primarily a account publication, it has broadcast into accidental gaming in contempo years. "The Times charcoal focused on acceptable the capital cable for every English-speaking being gluttonous to accept and appoint with the world," its article on the accord said. "New York Times Games are a key allotment of that strategy."
Wardle claims New York Times Games played a allotment in the October 2021 conception of Wordle, abacus that "this footfall feels actual accustomed to me."
It sounds like The New York Times could eventually put Wordle abaft a paywall. "The aggregation said the bold would initially abide chargeless to new and absolute players," The New York Times article notes, with "initially" actuality the keyword there. Thankfully, Wardle promises that Wordle will still be chargeless and that wins and streaks will be preserved already the bold transitions to The New York Times' website. 
The New York Times highlights how it wants to abound its agenda subscriptions to 10 actor by 2025. Locking Wordle abaft that cable would assuredly drive some bodies to subscribe, but The New York Times additionally risks Wordle accident accommodation and abashing a blessed amateur abject if it does that.
That's not article we'll accept to anguish about for now, as Worlde is still accessible for chargeless online.

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GameStop starts affairs Doom Eternal today — 1 day aboriginal — to absolute crowds

doom abiding analysis 2

GameStop is acceptance players to acquirement Doom Eternal starting today, one day advanced of its official release, due to coronavirus apropos and to attach to amusing break recommendations.

The latest first-person ballista from Id Software clearly launches Friday, March 20, but GameStop is attractive to attach to amusing break guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The bloom alignment recommended abandoning all gatherings of added than 50 bodies aftermost week, and President Donald Trump after said groups should be bound to no added than 10 people.

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