NYT Connections today: answers and hints for Friday, September 8

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Sam Hill

By Sam Hill September 8, 2023 8:44AM

Connections is nan latest puzzle crippled from nan New York Times. The crippled tasks you pinch categorizing a excavation of 16 words into 4 concealed (for now) groups by figuring retired really nan words subordinate to each other. The puzzle resets each nighttime astatine midnight and each caller puzzle has a varying grade of difficulty. Just for illustration Wordle, you tin support way of your winning streak and comparison your scores pinch friends.

Some days are trickier than others. If you’re having a small problem solving today’s Connections puzzle, cheque retired our tips and hints below. And if you still can’t get it, we’ll show you today’s answers astatine nan very end.

How to play Connections

In Connections, you’ll beryllium shown a grid containing 16 words — your nonsubjective is to shape these words into 4 sets of 4 by identifying nan connections that nexus them. These sets could encompass concepts for illustration titles of video crippled franchises, book bid sequels, shades of red, names of concatenation restaurants, etc.

There are mostly words that look for illustration they could fresh aggregate themes, but there’s only 1 100% correct answer. You’re capable to shuffle nan grid of words and rearrange them to thief amended spot nan imaginable connections.

Each group is color-coded. The yellowish group is nan easiest to fig out, followed by nan green, blue, and purple groups.

Pick 4 words and hit Submit. If you’re correct, nan 4 words will beryllium removed from nan grid and nan taxable connecting them will beryllium revealed. Guess incorrectly and it’ll count arsenic a mistake. You only person 4 mistakes disposable until nan crippled ends.

Hints for today’s Connections

We tin thief you lick today’s Connection by telling you nan 4 themes. If you request much assistance, we’ll besides springiness you 1 connection from each group below.

Today’s themes

  • Inherent Nature
  • Fermented Alcoholic Beverages
  • Pixar Movies
  • ____ Tape

One-answer reveals

  • Inherent Nature – Essence
  • Fermented Alcoholic Beverages – Cider
  • Pixar Movies – Brave
  • ____ Tape – Demo
New York Times Connection crippled logo.New York Times

Today’s Connections answers

Still nary luck? That’s OK. This puzzle is designed to beryllium difficult.  If you conscionable want to spot today’s Connections answer, we’ve sewage you covered below:

  • Inherent Nature – Essence, Heart, Spirit, Soul
  • Fermented Alcoholic Beverages – Cider, Port, Sake, Stout
  • Pixar Movies – Brave, Cars, Coco, Up
  • ____ Tape – Demo, Red, Scotch, Ticker

Connections grids alteration wide and alteration each day. If you couldn’t lick today’s puzzle, beryllium judge to cheque backmost successful tomorrow.

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