On ChatGPT’s first anniversary, its mobile apps have topped 110M installs and nearly $30M in revenue

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It’s officially been one year back ChatGPT launched, demography the apple by storm as the analysis examination angry into an accustomed apparatus that brought AI chatbot technology to boilerplate users. A ample allotment of that accomplishment was apprenticed by the absolution of the ChatGPT adaptable app, whose May 2023 barrage on iOS put the chatbot into added consumers’ hands, after followed by a July 2023 absolution on Android. Now, on the technology’s aboriginal anniversary, new abstracts indicates the adaptable app versions of ChatGPT accept topped 110 actor accumulated installs and accept accomplished about $30 actor in chump spending, according to a bazaar appraisal provided to TechCrunch by adaptable intelligence provider, data.ai.

ChatGPT’s adaptable apps accomplish money by affairs the ChatGPT Plus subscription via in-app purchases. The $19.99 per ages account offers a array of added perks, including accepted acceptance during aiguille times, faster acknowledgment times and aboriginal acceptance to new appearance and improvements. The subscription was broadcast to users alfresco the U.S. in February 2023, advanced of the adaptable apps’ debut.

As an in-app purchase, the cable is adequately cher accustomed that it costs added than abounding music and alive services, but consumers’ absorption in ChatGPS Plus acceptance has apprenticed appeal college over time, data.ai says. In total, ChatGPT’s apps accept generated about $28.6 actor in all-around chump spending on mobile, admitting acceptable abounding added users accept subscribed via the web. However, added adaptable app users may accept additionally subscribed to different AI chatbot apps, some acceptable application ChatGPT’s API. For example, Poe, an app that lets you comedy with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and added AI chatbots like Anthropic’s Claude and added in one interface, had 1.18 actor account breath users as of September 2023, according to app intelligence close Apptoppia.

Image Credits: data.ai

While data.ai’s appraisal differs from others in agreement of ChatGPT’s baronial by chump spending, it still indicates that it’s not the top chatbot by revenue. Ask AI, which beat ChatGPT to mobile, is advanced and it offers several lower-priced in-app acquirement options for exceptional features, alignment from one anniversary up to one year as able-bodied as assorted tiers, like “premium” and “elite.”

Image Credits: data.ai

In accession to its exploited capabilities, ChatGPT’s adaptable app downloads abide to abound afterward its bounce and summer debuts on iOS and Android, respectively, now topping 110 million.

Within a anniversary of its Google Play release, ChatGPT’s Android downloads saw almanac acceptance with about 18 actor new installs — a amount that has yet to be baffled by added adaptable apps, data.ai notes. Combined iOS and Android downloads now boilerplate aloft 4 actor on a account basis. And they’ve retained that amount for the accomplished bristles weeks.

Image Credits: data.ai

In agreement of downloads, that puts ChatGPT advanced of added abundant AI apps like Character AI, Ask AI, Open Chat, Nova, ChatBot, AI Mirror, Imagine, Artimind and ChatBox, the abstracts indicates.

Meanwhile, India and the U.S. are about close and close in agreement of the country accounting for the best ChatGPT downloads at 18% and 17.5%, respectively.

Image Credits: data.ai

Still, an appraisal of Android abstracts indicates that ChatGPT may not be the best generally acclimated AI app. Instead, it ranks cardinal three abaft Character AI, area users can actualize embodied AI chatbots, and addition agnate AI app, Chai. These sorts of apps accommodate themselves to added sessions all-embracing than the added commonsensical ChatGPT, admitting that could change with the barrage of special-purchase GPTs, data.ai suggested.

The close expects that by anniversary 2023, ChatGPT will accept added tens of millions added installs and revenue.