One of 2010’s best thrillers is now streaming on Netflix. Here’s why you should watch it

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Joe Allen

By Joe Allen December 1, 2023 1:00PM

A woman talks to addition woman in Black Swan.Fox Searchlight

Many subscribers are acceptable acquainted that Netflix has a library abounding with abundant aboriginal shows and movies that are account exploring. If you bethink Netflix’s origins, though, you’re acceptable acquainted that Netflix got its alpha because it had a library of abundant agreeable that predated its existence.

While those options are no best as able-bodied as they already were, there are still affluence of abundant movies in Netflix’s archive that didn’t arise on the service. Among those is Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, a fascinating, aperitive blur set in the apple of chic ballet. These are three affidavit you should be abiding to analysis it out while it’s on Netflix.

It appearance Natalie Portman’s best performance

Natalie PortmaBlack SwanSearchlight Pictures

Natalie Portman absent a ton of weight to comedy Nina, an afraid ballet ballerina who gets casting in the axial role in Swan Lake. Portman’s achievement is the absolute antithesis of atrocity and timidity, as we accept the acerbity and aching bubbles aloof below the apparent of Nina’s bashful exterior.

Portman won an Oscar for the role, and justifiably so, accustomed all of the dancing she had to do on top of her accurate appearance work. As Nina boring unravels due to both the burden of the role and the bribery she’s actuality dealt by her aqueduct and her mother, Portman’s achievement gets added and added unhinged, which is allotment of what cements it as one of her best ever.

It’s affective in all the appropriate ways

Like any Aronofsky cine account its salt, Black Swan doesn’t chase an accessible beeline progression. Although it’s evidently the adventure of an afraid ballerina who finds herself advance into the limelight. As Nina begins to lose her butt on reality, we appear to accept her affecting state, alike as it becomes added and added difficult to actuate what absolutely happened and what didn’t.

While this may complete confusing, Black Swan disorients you in all the appropriate ways, allowance you to accept aloof how brittle Nina’s butt on her own acumen was alike afore the cine began, and how absolutely she’s absent it by the time of the admirable finale.

It has a perfect, bone-chilling ending

Natalie Portman in Black Swan.Searchlight Pictures

In a cine area annihilation affairs added than performance, Black Swan‘s catastrophe feels like the absolute finale. The blur climaxes with Nina’s achievement in Swan Lake, but alone afterwards she’s already absent whatever aerial anchor she may accept had on reality. It’s a shocking, animating afterpiece that is amid the best sequences that Aronofsky has anytime directed.

Like abundant of the director’s best work, the arrangement is both arresting and absolutely unsubtle, but it’s that abridgement of subtlety that ultimately gives it its power. Black Swan is fascinating, but it’s additionally a little bit bananas, and its catastrophe is the absolute aeon at the end of its sentence.

Black Swan is now alive on Netflix.

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