One of the best sci-fi games ever made is coming to Nintendo Switch next month

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Annapurna Interactive

During the November 2023 Indie World Showcase, it was appear that abounding arresting indie titles are advancing to the Nintendo Switch over the abutting year. One of the show’s better announcements was that Outer Wilds — a critically acclaimed sci-fi game about exploring a solar arrangement throughout repeating time loops — is assuredly advancing to the Nintendo Switch abutting month.

A Nintendo Switch anchorage for Outer Wilds was first teased in 2021 and advised to be appear during the summer of that year, but it did not accomplish that absolution window. We did not apprehend abundant abroad about the anchorage until now alfresco of a acknowledgment during one of administrator Annapurna Interactive’s own showcases. An Indie World Showcase articulation committed to the bold showed some of its physics-based spacefaring gameplay in action on the Switch, and it seemed to attending nice and run at a solid anatomy rate. Called Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition, this adaptation of the bold comes with the Echoes of the Eye DLC and will barrage digitally on December 7. It will get a concrete Switch absolution ancient abutting year.

Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition - Pre-order Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Outside of Outer Wilds, added notable indie amateur like Core Keeper, Moonstone Island, Planet of Lana, Heavenly Bodies, and Backpack Hero additionally got Nintendo Switch ports accepted during the show. We additionally abstruse that Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, a Game Boy Advance bold that went unreleased in the aboriginal 2000s, is assuredly actuality accomplished and appear on Nintendo Switch.

Indie World Showcase 11.14.2023 - Nintendo Switch

There was some casting new being apparent off too, like Humble Games and Memorable Games’ card-based analysis game On Your Tail, the point-and-click photography adventitious bold The Star Name Eos, and more. Those who appetite to comedy article new should additionally apperceive that some of the amateur featured during this Indie World Showcase were shadow-dropped afterward the presentation, like Howl, Backpack Hero, Enjoy the Diner, Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist, and a demo for Death Trick: Double Blind

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Nintendo Switch loses an absolute Square Enix bold abutting month

A bound in the Wild West area of Live A Live.

Square Enix's admirable HD-2D accommodate of Live A Live will no best be a Nintendo Switch absolute starting abutting month. The bold comes out on PlayStation consoles and PCs on April 27.
Live A Live is a different grid-based RPG with a fun anecdotal gimmick. Its adventure is breach up into eight altered sections set above eight altered sections: Prehistory, The Middle Ages, Imperial China, Twilight of Edo Japan, The Wild West, Present Day, The Near Future, and The Distant Future. Each comes with its own advocate and gameplay gimmicks afore they all acme calm in a final chapter.

On top of that, this accommodate of a 1994 SNES bold additionally gives the acquaintance an acute beheld facelift with the HD-2D visuals that accomplish amateur like Octopath Traveler 2 shine. Digital Trends begin the bold charming, with George Yang adage Live A Live "has the hallmarks that accomplish it a acceptable access in the genre" in his three-and-a-half brilliant analysis of the title. 
In North America, Nintendo appear the Switch adaptation of Live A Live. Now that the bold is advancing to added platforms, though, Square Enix has taken aback over. To advance the accessible release, Square Enix has appear a audience for Live A Live on PS4 and PS5 today, which lets players try some of the Twilight of Edo Japan, The Distant Future, and The Wild West sections of the game.
Live a Live is accessible now for Nintendo Switch and will be appear for PC, PS4, and PS5 on April 27. PlayStation Plus associates can currently preorder the bold for a 20% abatement as well.

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Although the Nintendo Switch has some of the best AAA titles, the arrangement has become accepted as an indie apparatus to abounding people. The portability of the Switch and Switch Lite makes them ideal for some of the best indie games, and dozens of baby developers assume to adulation absolution their amateur on the amalgam console.

Better yet, affluence of ahead appear indie games, such as Hollow Knight, accept accustomed added absorption and acclaim afterwards landing on the Switch. It's become a win-win for developers and Switch owners. If you're a new Switch buyer or are artlessly attractive for the best Switch games to comedy during your morning commute, we've put calm a active account of the best indie amateur on the Nintendo Switch.

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And while the Switch ability not be the aggressive assertive that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are, it still offers an absurd library of multiplayer games. In fact, the carriageable animate is home to some of the best address adventures we've apparent in this generation, and new aggressive amateur are actuality added all the time. Here are our favorites, whether you're a fan of absonant antagonism games, aged simulators, or monster-hunting titles of the finest caliber.
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