OpenAI boss Sam Altman receives Indonesia's first golden visa

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has been granted Indonesia's first ever aureate visa – entitling him to reside successful nan archipelagic federation for up to 10 years – successful nickname of his imaginable to make inbound investment.

"With this aureate visa, Altman is expected to lend to nan improvement of nan usage of artificial intelligence successful Indonesia," read a governmental announcement.

Indonesia's director-general of immigration, Silmy Karim, explained that aureate visa are offered successful respective categories, including superior investment. Altman's visa is intended for "figures who person an world estimation and tin supply benefits to Indonesia."

The rule establishing nan visa was only conscionable promulgated connected August 30, and requires an finance anyplace from $350,000 to $50 million. The bigger nan investment, nan longer nan visa holder is permitted to stay.

The Register has asked OpenAI to item nan grade of immoderate finance it has made successful Indonesia, and will update this communicative if we person a substantive reply.

With his "international reputation" aureate visa successful hand, Altman will person privilege work connected screening and airdrome work lanes, longer magnitude of enactment than regular travellers, and easiness of entering and leaving. Not to mention ratio astatine receiving nan visa successful nan first spot – nary request to recreation and queue successful nan migration agency for this one.

"Once you get successful Indonesia, you nary longer request to use for a constricted enactment licence (ITAS) astatine nan migration office," said Silmy of Altman's visa. "We are providing nan reddish carpet arsenic a return for nan resources they tin supply to Indonesia."

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The migration agency revealed that Altman was successful Indonesia successful June, sharing knowledge astir artificial intelligence.

In June nan CEO gave a talk successful nan superior metropolis of Jakarta, organized by nan Artificial Intelligence Industry Research and Innovation Collaboration, aliases KORIKA.

Donning a accepted batik shirt, Altman said OpenAI would for illustration to amended connected its products' expertise to support Bahasa Indonesia – nan connection spoken by 23 cardinal Indonesians retired of its quarter-billion population.

"We would for illustration GPT5 to beryllium very bully astatine moreover smaller languages and dialects, and we request thief for that. If Indonesia tin make a information group disposable and evals for those languages we would beryllium delighted to return that and put it into our adjacent large model," promised [VIDEO] Altman.

"I deliberation making that disposable not only to america but to different group training these models will beryllium awesome for nan group of Indonesia and we'd beryllium very excited to collaborate connected that, truthful we will," he added.

The migration agency cited "various developed countries, including nan United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Italy and Spain" arsenic among countries that person implemented akin visa programs.

One notable benefactor of New Zealand's akin visa programme was Peter Thiel – PayPal co-founder and benefactor of oft-indicted Florida man and erstwhile US president Donald Trump.

Thiel was fixed citizenship to New Zealand successful 2011 aft reportedly spending conscionable 12 days successful nan country. The accustomed way requires 1,350 days arsenic a imperishable resident successful nan 5 twelvemonth clip framework anterior to applying.

Official documents revealed Thiel was fixed nan correct to nan passport for "exceptional circumstances" related to "skills arsenic an entrepreneur and philanthropy." Thiel had antecedently donated NZ$1 cardinal – worthy astatine nan clip astir $800,000 – to nan Christchurch earthquake alleviation fund. He besides was an investor successful respective New Zealand companies, including Xero and Pacific Fibre Limited. ®