OpenAI's non-profit arm netted less than $45,000 last year

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OpenAI's non-profit limb reported revenues of conscionable $44,485 successful its latest US taxation filing, contempt its for-profit business apt making millions from ChatGPT.

Founded successful 2015, nan startup was initially a non-profit statement focused connected processing AI for nan use of humanity. In 2019, it spun retired a for-profit broadside led by CEO Sam Altman and began building commercialized products, starring immoderate to question whether nan outfit’s labor had go now much willing successful making money than building safe AI.

Now, nan company's overseas building is backmost nether nan spotlight. In its latest Form-990 archive [PDF], nan non-profit portion is revealed arsenic technically exempt from paying income taxation and submitting audited financial statements for 2022 arsenic it made little than nan $2 cardinal limit that triggers further reporting requirements. Meanwhile, its larger for-profit side, however, could reportedly scope a valuation of $90 billion.

Earlier this year, Microsoft invested $10 cardinal for a 49 percent liking into nan company. OpenAI reiterated astatine nan clip that it was still governed by its non-profit side.

"While our business pinch Microsoft includes a multibillion-dollar investment, OpenAI remains an wholly independent institution governed by nan OpenAI Nonprofit. Microsoft is simply a non-voting committee perceiver and has nary control. And, arsenic explained above, [artificial wide intelligence] AGI is explicitly carved retired of each commercialized and IP licensing agreements," nan org previously stated.

It's unclear really overmuch gross OpenAI’s for-profit business makes, though its gross reportedly reached $28 cardinal past year. It’s imaginable they grew quickly successful 2023 pinch nan merchandise of GPT-4, its latest ample connection exemplary powering its astir powerful type of ChatGPT, which it's trading to subscribers and enterprises.

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Despite being governed by its non-profit arm, backstage investors person pledged to put billions of dollars into OpenAI. Other tech companies that are led by a non-profit organization, for illustration nan Firefox browser-maker Mozilla, haven't accepted money from task superior firms aliases backstage investors.

In remarks shared pinch CNBC, Mozilla Foundation's President Mark Surman called retired OpenAI's firm structure, and said: "I don't cognize astatine this constituent that this is simply a regulatory oversight issue. I deliberation this is simply a nationalist spot issue. If they want to beryllium seen arsenic this nationalist institution making judge AI is successful nan work of humanity, we request a batch much transparency. We request to cognize what's going on."

The Register has asked OpenAI for comment.

OpenAI's organizational building and narration pinch Microsoft is besides being investigated by waste and acquisition regulators. Last week, nan UK's Competition and Markets Authority, and nan US Federal Trade Commission, said they were debating whether to analyse whether OpenAI's business pinch Microsoft counts arsenic a merger, and whether specified a woody mightiness person violated antitrust laws. ®