Our 10 favorite Wonder Effects in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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Wonder Flower successful Super Mario Bros. Wonder.Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s defining gimmick is its bid of Wonder Effects. A Wonder Flower is hidden location connected almost each level and, erstwhile found, radically switches up what is going connected wrong that stage. Some grow connected ideas nan shape was already exploring, while others are wildly unpredictable, giving players thing they were not expecting astatine all.

There are complete 69 stages pinch Wonder Effects that players tin spot while playing done nan communicative of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but 10 of those Wonder Effects effects stood retired nan astir during my playthrough. By bid of appearance, these are my 10 favourite Wonder Effects successful Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which showcase conscionable really inventive and unpredictable nan platformer is.

Piranha Plants connected Parade

Super Mario Bros Wonder – Piranha Plants connected Parade - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

The 2nd Wonder Effect players will brushwood successful Super Mario Bros. Wonder is 1 of its best. After uncovering nan Wonder Flower successful Piranha Plants connected Parade, nan stage’s titular enemies will commencement belting retired a opus that shares its title pinch nan stage. As players make their measurement done nan remainder of nan level, they’ll dodge aliases conflict immoderate of these singing Piranha Plants while different ones creation successful nan level’s foreground and popular retired of pipes to nan song’s rhythm. Piranha Plants connected Parade instantly establishes that players should expect nan unexpected erstwhile it comes to Wonder Effects successful Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It’s a joyously absurd level I’m still reasoning astir aft beating nan game.

Bulrush Coming Through!

Super Mario Bros Wonder – Bulrush Coming Through - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

There are aggregate Wonder Effects wherever Mario and friends person to thrust connected a stampede of immoderate benignant passim astir of nan level to find a Wonder Seed. Bulrush Coming Through! remains my favorite, though. It’s nan first of its benignant that I encountered during my adventure, truthful its cardinal gameplay twist, nan first lawsuit of a timer appearing, and different moments for illustration nan demolition of nan end-of-stage emblem had a novelty here. I besides emotion that it’s imaginable to spot Bulrush enemies stampeding done nan stage’s background. It plays into nan emotion that this level is a surviving world of its own and rewards those of america who return nan clip to look astatine Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s gorgeous backgrounds pinch thing beautiful funny.

Condarts Away

Super Mario Bros Wonder – Condarts Away - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

In Fluff-Puff Peaks, nan shape Condarts Away features 1 of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s astir annoying enemies: Condarts that motorboat themselves toward nan plaery erstwhile they locomotion nether them. These were reliable capable to dodge successful a 2D platformer setup, but things became moreover much challenging erstwhile I picked up a Wonder Seed, arsenic it temporarily turned into a top-down game. Similar to nan indie crippled Toodee and Topdee, I was now stepping connected what was erstwhile nan stage’s inheritance walls while avoiding Condarts for illustration this was a slug hellhole crippled and not a 2D platformer. Including that force made this nan champion top-down Wonder Effect successful Super Mario Bros. Wonder, truthful it remains 1 of my favorites successful nan game.

Up ‘n Down pinch Puffy Lifts

Super Mario Bros Wonder – Up n Down pinch Puffy Lifts - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

Up ‘n Down pinch Puffy Lifts contains my favourite Wonder Effect of this 2nd world. Throughout nan full stage, nan cardinal conceit is that Mario and friends are platforming connected nan titular cake-like Puffy Lifts, which compress erstwhile weight is put connected them. That unsocial is simply a clever shape gimmick that kept maine reasoning astir really agelong I stayed connected definite platforms, truthful it was a astonishing joyousness erstwhile a Wonder Effect turned maine into a Puffy Lift. The main situation past became keeping objects disconnected nan apical of my Puffy Lift character, which forced maine to deliberation methodically astir erstwhile and wherever to jump passim nan full Puffy Lift section.

Maw Maw Mouthful

Super Mario Bros Wonder - Maw Maw Mouthfull - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

This Petal Isles Wonder Effect that transforms players into a Goomba was each complete nan trading of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. I get why: it’s 1 of nan game’s astir game-changing Wonder Effects. Like capturing an force pinch Cappy successful Super Mario Odyssey for nan first time, this Wonder Effect transforms players into 1 of Mario’s astir iconic enemies. It fundamentally turns Super Mario Bros. Wonder into a stealth crippled for a bit. The stage’s titular Maw Maws are earthy predators of Goomba, and will unreserved for and eat 1 if they spot it. As it’s not easy to conflict backmost arsenic a Goomba, nan remainder of nan shape is past spent dashing from screen to screen down trees and bushes, hoping you aren’t spotted and eaten by a Maw Maw on nan way. It’s 1 of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s tensest Wonder Effects and a awesome level to show personification to show really overmuch Wonder Effects tin shingle things up.

Upshroom Downshroom

Super Mario Bros Wonder - Upshroom Downshroom - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

Like Piranha Plants connected Parade, Upshroom Downshroom features different Wonder Effect that fundamentally turns nan shape into a euphony level. Instead of a Piranha Plant singalong, though, it’s a Halloween creation statement arsenic each nan enemies successful nan shape commencement dancing to a opus called Pumpkin Party. The aesthetics and reside of this Wonder Effect are a cleanable fresh for nan October spooky season. I’ll astir apt spell backmost to play this shape connected Halloween, and you should, too. Regardless of nan clip of year, it’s different reminder of really fantabulous nan music-based Wonder Effects are.

Dragon Boneyard

Super Mario Bros Wonder - Dragon Boneyard - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

For astir of Dragon Boneyard, I was platforming crossed nan titular fossils while trying to debar lava. I had assumed this level’s Wonder Effect would person maine tally distant from a monolithic rolling fossil, Indiana Jones-style, but what really happened was a batch much magical. The Wonder Flower brought 1 of nan dragons backmost to life — it looks for illustration an ancestor to Yoshi — and I sewage to thrust it. The dragon looked happy to beryllium live again, creating yet different spectacle that I won’t beryllium forgetting anytime soon. I tin show Nintendo really likes this Wonder Effect, too, because nan dragons are brought backmost a mates much times successful Super Mario Bros. Wonder, including during nan last shape wherever players return connected Bowser.

Wavy Ride Through Magma Tube

Super Mario Bros Wonder - Wavy Ride Through nan Magma Tube - 100% All Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

Wavy Ride Through Magma Tube’s Wonder Effect fundamentally adds a mini-boss to Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Most of this shape tasks players pinch riding platforms arsenic they slow move done nan titular magma tube. If players deed a artifact astatine nan correct clip on nan way, they’ll trigger a Wonder Effect that activates a statue successful nan stage’s background. They past person to walk astir 40 seconds dodging nan balls of magma that it spits retired successful a little platforming endurance trial that rewards players pinch a Wonder Seed. Surprisingly, location weren’t different Wonder Effects for illustration this successful nan game, which intends I’m remembering this brushwood from what was different a beautiful innocuous lava stage.

Missile Meg Mayhem

Super Mario Bros Wonder - Missile Meg Mayhem - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

Even successful nan game’s last world, immoderate awesome Wonder Effects still appear. Missile Meg Mayhem is each astir platforming connected nan titular Bullet Bill variants, which tin besides service arsenic impermanent platforms erstwhile jumped on. After activating nan Wonder Effect of this level, players tin thrust a agelong Missile Meg retired of nan dreary mill that astir of nan level takes spot successful and soar into nan clouds. Like Dragon Boneyard, this is simply a Wonder Effect I enjoyed much for its spectacle than nan gameplay, acknowledgment to nan colorful pitchy fume trails nan Missile Megs time off down and each nan fireworks going disconnected successful nan background.

Evade nan Seeker Bullet Bills

Super Mario Bros Wonder - Evade nan Seeker Bullet Bills - 100% All Wonder Seeds, Flower Coins & Flag

Finally, Evade nan Seeker Bullet Bills stands retired arsenic 1 of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s defining Wonder Effects. This is 1 of nan game’s much challenging stages, arsenic nan Seeker Bullet Bills perpetually motorboat themselves astir nan level. That’s why it’s incredibly satisfying erstwhile nan crippled turns nan tables against these enemies by giving players a vessel and cannon to motorboat bombs from. This breathtaking thrust connected a vessel down this acerb rivre gave maine 1 last action-focused Wonder Effect powerfulness travel earlier nan last confrontation pinch Bowser. Up until nan end, Super Mario Bros. Wonder was astonishing maine pinch its quirky Wonder Effect ideas — and that’s what makes it truthful special.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is disposable now connected Nintendo Switch.

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