Our favorite PlayStation games of 2023: Spider-Man, Final Fantasy, and more

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Spider-Man and Miles Morales guidelines successful beforehand of a Best PS5 Games 2023 logo.Digital Trends

With nan video crippled manufacture arsenic engaged arsenic it is these days, there’s seldom ever a “bad” twelvemonth for immoderate console. Even successful a little engaged year, platforms for illustration Xbox still thin to person highlights successful breathtaking indie games. That was existent for PlayStation this year, which continued its beardown momentum this procreation contempt only having a fistful of big-ticket games.

While not each large PS5 exclusive thrilled this year, location were a batch of beardown experiences to dive into. Developers sewage much mileage than ever retired of nan system’s beefy tech specs, while PlayStation VR2 gave nan level immoderate creative, immersive experiences. That’s not to mention a fistful of indies and third-party releases that Sony locked down arsenic console exclusives for a time. That database of dense hitters moreover included Baldur’s Gate 3 for a fewer short months. In reflecting connected different awesome twelvemonth for PS5, we’ve highlighted 7 games that stuck pinch america this year. Some were surely divisive, but each of them helped springiness Sony’s powerhouse strategy immoderate other extent successful a crowded year.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Miles checking his telephone successful spider-man 2.Sony Interactive Entertainment

Even if PlayStation hardly sewage immoderate games this year, it would still beryllium location to 1 of this year’s very champion exclusives. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is astir arsenic bully arsenic big-budget gaming gets, delivering top-notch spectacle and incredibly soft superhero gameplay. Though players are judge to revere it for its refined combat and traversal, it’s nan smaller moments that instrumentality pinch maine most. Sidequests that spot some Spider-Men helping their organization time off nan biggest effect of all. It was besides bully to spot this crippled backtracked connected nan uncomfortable constabulary surveillance authorities setup of its predecessors. With an accent connected criminal betterment and being much of a friends vicinity helper, Spider-Man 2 is simply a much mature superhero sequel that ranks pinch nan champion of them.

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Final Fantasy XVI

Shiva floats successful nan aerial successful Final Fantasy XVI.Square Enix / Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI whitethorn beryllium nan series’ astir divisive introduction to date. Even our ain reappraisal was torn connected it, criticizing its barren storytelling. No matter really you consciousness astir its narrative, though, 1 point is undeniable: nan RPG contains immoderate of this year’s astir astounding action. The afloat reinvented combat strategy makes Clive Rosfield 1 of Final Fantasy’s fastest, deadliest fighters yet. His Eikonic abilities, coupled pinch immoderate jaw-dropping kaiju battles, bring nan long-running bid to a logical crescendo, afloat realizing nan scope implied successful smaller games for illustration Final Fantasy VI. It’s a blockbuster afloat of spectacular moments that you don’t want to miss.

Horizon Call of nan Mountain

Ryas climbs a upland overlooking a waterfall successful Horizon Cal of nan Mountain.Sony

While Horizon Forbidden West released past year, 2023 was a amazingly large twelvemonth for Sony’s open-world series. That crippled sewage a beardown DLC section successful nan Burning Shores, but nan existent header was its VR installment, Horizon Call of nan Mountain. Taking notes from The Climb, nan PlayStation VR2 motorboat title has players scaling mountains connected apical of engaging successful classical Horizon combat. Though it’s a small excessively eager astatine times, it’s nan benignant of crippled Sony needed successful bid to make a connection pinch its latest headset. I tin only dream that we spot franchises for illustration God of War get nan aforesaid curen down nan line, adapting everything we emotion astir nan modern bid into a tactile VR experience.


Humans sprout astatine a rival group of humans successful Humanity.Enhance

While Horizon: Call of nan Mountain is simply a awesome crippled to effort erstwhile you person a PSVR2, Humanity is simply a logic to bargain nan headset. The fascinating puzzle crippled has players directing an service of mini humans done progressively analyzable situations. That elemental premise takes a acheronian move successful its backmost half, commenting connected nan terrifying powerfulness group person erstwhile they coalesce into a mob. While it tin beryllium played without a headset (it’s disposable via PS Plus),the PSVR2 is nan champion measurement to acquisition each nan diorama-like puzzles. It feels for illustration you’re watching an ant colony astatine work. Few games released this twelvemonth are rather arsenic mesmerizing.


Frey utilizing magic successful Forspoken.Square Enix

It mightiness beryllium astonishing to spot Square Enix’s Forspoken on this list. The open-world escapade was nan subject of ridicule erstwhile it launched owed to its quippy writing. While those criticisms were earned, that doesn’t mean nan full crippled is simply a joke. In fact, Forspoken is simply a amazingly imaginative crippled filled pinch fast, fluid traversal and a magical combat strategy that’s not excessively acold disconnected from Final Fantasy XVI. If you tin get past each nan Marvel-esque one-liners, you’ll find a coagulated blockbuster that’s a batch much engaging than nan less magical Hogwarts Legacy.

Season: A Letter to nan Future

 A Letter to nan Future stands successful a section of purple flowers.Scavengers Studio

While location was nary shortage of big-budget releases connected PS5 this year, it’s nan smaller indies that landed console exclusivity connected PlayStation that I enjoyed nan most. Just look astatine Season: A Letter to nan Future. Set earlier a mysterious event, players group retired crossed a gorgeous countryside to seizure arsenic overmuch of nan world arsenic imaginable earlier a caller era changes it all. By taking photos and signaling sounds, players prosecute successful a meditative acquisition that reminds america to cherish nan littlest parts of nan world astir us.


A watercolor scenery appears successful Viewfinder.Sad Owl Studios / Thunderful

Even if you don’t traditionally for illustration puzzle games, Viewfinder is nan benignant of point you request to try. The indie hinges connected an unthinkable magic instrumentality that lets players threat 2D photos and seamlessly spot them anyplace successful levels, turning level images into 3D spaces. It’s nan benignant of integer marvel that seems unreal, and that is thematically applicable too. Under each its ingenious puzzles, Viewfinder is astir researchers looking for intolerable answers to intolerable questions. It’s a ceremony of quality ingenuity, 1 that inspires dream that we whitethorn 1 time prevention our satellite from nan seemingly irreversible threat of ambiance change.

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Third-party studios besides showed up, pinch Square Enix unveiling a multiplayer crippled called Foamstars, Alan Wake 2 and Assassin's Creed Mirage getting merchandise dates, and Konami announcing a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This was decidedly nan astir important PlayStation livestream to hap successful a agelong time, but it was a densely packed show truthful you mightiness person missed retired connected immoderate of its announcements. That's why you should publication done this recap of everything announced during nan May 2023 PlayStation Showcase.

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Final Fantasy XVI’s first 3 hours play for illustration a precocious imagination Last of Us

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When I demoed Final Fantasy XVI backmost successful February, I had immoderate questions. The portion I played was very overmuch focused connected nan upcoming PS5 release’s combat system. I was instantly impressed pinch really accelerated and furious it was, bringing a spot of Devil May Cry to nan RPG series. That said, location was rather a spot I didn’t see. The communicative ngo I played would only springiness maine a little preamble to its hero, Clive Rosfield, and nan war-torn federation successful which nan crippled takes place. I was itching to cognize more.

I’d get each those lingering questions answered erstwhile I went hands-on pinch nan first 3 hours of nan game, which launches connected June 22. Rather than letting maine trial retired an arsenal of spells, I’d commencement pinch a overmuch little tin Clive pinch only a fewer attacks to his name. I’d get to spot his afloat tragic backstory play retired done agelong cinematics pinch only a fewer smaller gameplay snippets between. I’d time off my demo convention pinch acold less mobility marks, a spot much intrigue, and a mates of lingering concerns that could beryllium alleviated later successful nan adventure.

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3 large things I request to spot from nan adjacent PlayStation Showcase

Peter and Miles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

It’s that clip of nan twelvemonth again erstwhile manufacture insiders are teasing that a large PlayStation Showcase will hap astir June. A third-party focused State of Play happened successful 2022, but now Video Games Chronicle’s Andy Robinson and Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb are some suggesting that a much first-party oriented "Showcase" could beryllium connected nan measurement sometime during nan adjacent month, perchance during nan week of May 25.
PlayStation has had a unsmooth commencement to 2023, pinch console exclusive Forspoken garnering mixed reviews, nan PlayStation VR2 impressing critics while underperforming successful sales, and The Last of Us Part 1’s PC larboard being surgery astatine launch. With only Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 confirmed to beryllium connected nan sky for 2023, Sony has a batch to beryllium during its adjacent showcase. There are 3 circumstantial things I request to spot from Sony if that PlayStation Showcase does travel to fruition.
Give PSVR2 purpose
The PlayStation VR2 is an awesome portion of virtual reality technology, but it lacks slayer apps extracurricular of Horizon: Call of nan Mountain. New crippled releases for nan headset person been slow since its February 2022 launch, which is apt why nan $550 headset has underperformed. Sony has opted to chiefly relegate PSVR2 to State of Plays aliases PlayStation Blog posts, but it needs to revitalize excitement for nan level by giving immoderate of its games a spotlight successful a large PlayStation Showcase.

Hopefully, there’s much connected nan measurement successful position of caller AAA VR exclusives from first-party studios, arsenic good arsenic much-demanded ports for illustration Half-Life: Alyx. Already announced PSVR2 games for illustration Journey to Foundation and Synapse could besides usage merchandise dates. A PlayStation Showcase is nan cleanable clip for Sony to put retired a clear roadworthy representation for PSVR2’s early crippled library, conscionable arsenic nan September 2021 PlayStation did for PS5. Give maine a logic to strap connected that headset yet again.
Flesh retired nan system’s 2023 exclusives lineup
PS5 needs a beardown lineup for this autumn arsenic well. With nan objection of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, things look beautiful barren for PS5 this twelvemonth aft nan motorboat of Final Fantasy XVI. Several antecedently announced PS5 games still deficiency actual merchandise dates and could get successful nan 2nd half of this year. It’d beryllium bully to get a clearer image of Sony’s PS5 crippled lineup for nan remainder of nan year; hopefully, it includes titles for illustration Stellar Blade, nan Silent Hill 2 remake, Lost Soul Aside, Death Stranding 2, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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