Peacock streams its first boxing match this weekend: Watch Lawal vs. Chamberlain

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Isaac Chamberlain and Mikael Lawal successful a promotional poster.Sky Sports

Mikael Lawal and Isaac Chamberlain will yet conflict successful a cruiserweight conflict this weekend. The 2 were primitively expected to conflict successful May, but a aesculapian rumor forced Lawal to withdraw. Chamberlain (15-2, 8 KOs) has not held backmost since then. He’s been throwing insults astatine Lawal (17-0, 11 KOs) successful effort to get nether his skin. The 2 yet get their chance to settee nan grudge, and acknowledgment to a cancellation of nan planned main event, Lawal vs. Chamberlain has been elevated to nan premier spot. The 2 will beryllium fighting for nan British Commonwealth Cruiserweight Championship, and location are immoderate different location title fights connected nan undercard.

Mikael Lawal vs. Isaac Chamberlain starts astatine 2:30 p.m. ET connected Saturday, October 21. It will beryllium streamed for free connected Peacock. Here’s everything you request to cognize to watch boxing this weekend.

Lawal vs. Chamberlain undercard

  • Louis Greene vs. Sam Gilley, 12 rounds, ace welterweight
  • Karriss Artingstall vs. Vanessa Bradford, 8 rounds, women’s featherweight
  • Michael Hennessy Jr. vs. Joe Laws, 8 rounds, ace welterweight

How to watch Lawal vs. Chamberlain unrecorded watercourse connected Peacock

Peacock TV logo connected achromatic background.Peacock

Peacock conscionable announced this week that they are going to broadcast U.K. fights, arsenic portion of a business betwixt NBC and BOXXER, a promotional company. Peacock is going to beryllium nan U.S. broadcaster, while Sky Sports will broadcast nan fights successful nan U.K. Mikael Lawal vs. Isaac Chamberlain is nan first conflict Peacock is streaming. It is going to beryllium free to anyone pinch an account, meaning you don’t person to salary a cent to watch nan fight. Just motion up for nan unlimited Peacock free trial. Peacock does connection a $6 guidelines plan, which eliminates ads and unlocks immoderate caller content, and a $12 scheme that allows you to download shows for offline viewing.

How to watch Lawal vs. Chamberlain unrecorded watercourse from overseas pinch a VPN

The NordVPN logo connected a purple background.NordVPN

If you unrecorded successful nan U.K., you tin watch Lawal vs. Chamberlain connected Sky Sports. If you unrecorded anyplace else, you mightiness arsenic good watch successful connected Peacock, since it’s going to beryllium free. If you unrecorded location that doesn’t person entree to Peacock, you tin get a VPN and clone a relationship successful nan U.S. We urge NordVPN arsenic nan best VPN for streaming and mostly nan best VPN overall. Right now a 2 twelvemonth scheme comes retired to only $3 per period because of Black Friday VPN deals. Besides watching boxing, a VPN will fto you watercourse region locked contented connected streaming sites for illustration Netflix and support your relationship much unafraid and private.

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