Perfect for the Super Bowl: Save $3,000 on this 98-inch TCL TV today

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TCL 98-inch S Class S5 4K TV.TCL

NFL fans, it’s astir clip that you return advantage of TV deals because Super Bowl LVIII is accelerated approaching. Here’s an connection that you should see if you’re consenting to splurge connected a gigantic show — nan 98-inch TCL S5 Series 4K TV for $2,000, pursuing an eye-catching $3,000 discount from Best Buy connected its original value of $5,000. It’s still not cheap, but that’s an astonishing value for specified a immense screen, which will beryllium cleanable for watching nan large game.

If you’re readying to propulsion a Super Bowl LVIII watch party, this is nan TV that you want to buy. Everyone will bask an astonishing large surface acquisition successful nan comfortableness of your ain home, whether you’re looking guardant to uncovering retired who wins betwixt nan Kansas City Chiefs and nan San Francisco 49ers, aliases you’re conscionable location to watch nan halftime show and nan commercials. In immoderate case, nan 98-inch TCL S5 Series 4K TV needs to beryllium delivered earlier Feb. 11, truthful there’s nary clip to discarded — complete nan acquisition immediately.

Why you should bargain nan TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV

The evident trading constituent to nan TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV is its immense display. It’s nan benignant of size wherever it’s really important to cheque what size TV to buy that will suit your surviving abstraction arsenic it could perchance swamp nan room. Once you’ve checked that, you’ll emotion nan TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV. Its immense 98-inch sheet offers a 120Hz refresh complaint truthful it’s tin of handling nan accelerated moving action of nan Super Bowl and thing other too.

With Motion Rate 480 exertion pinch MEMC Frame Insertion, it besides combines aggregate mobility enhancements for best-in-class mobility clarity, while there’s a wide colour gamut for richer colors. Adding to nan galore reasons why TCL is 1 of nan best TV brands, nan TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV besides adds connected HDR Ultra features for illustration Dolby Vision IQ support, arsenic good arsenic HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG.

Want moreover more? Well, you’ll emotion nan precocious brightness nonstop LED backlight which gives you a amended and brighter group of visuals, while gamers will admit nan car crippled mode pinch AMD FreeSync Premium Pro truthful you get nan lowest imaginable input lag and latency. Game Accelerator 240 functionality gives you 240 VRR too.

Other features see TCL’s AIPQ Engine pinch Deep Learning AI truthful that non-4K contented is intelligently optimized to look better, while location are 3 HDMI inputs including 1 eARC which is awesome for hooking up your soundbar aliases AV receiver.

Packed pinch awesome features while besides being a immense TV, nan TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV whitethorn not characteristic successful our look astatine nan best TVs but it’s still good worthy your clip if you want nan eventual acquisition watching nan Super Bowl.

Usually priced astatine $5,000, nan TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV is down to $2,000 astatine Best Buy. For anyone seeking a immense TV for little than usual, this is simply a beautiful saccharine deal. We’re expecting to only beryllium disposable for a short play of clip truthful if it’s for you, deed nan bargain fastener now earlier you miss out.

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