Persona 5 Reload Review (PC)

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It’s understandable if Persona fans are skeptical astir Persona 3 Reload. The original crippled released measurement backmost successful 2007, and since then, we’ve had Persona 3 FES (along pinch The Answer) and Persona 3 Portable. So nan thought of playing Persona 3 again after each these years tin consciousness for illustration being asked to retread nan aforesaid worldly successful a akin measurement to Bethesda asking america to bargain Skyrim 1 much time. That said, Persona 3 is beloved capable that P3R could person been a graphical remaster without facing excessively galore complaints. So nan truth that Atlus has really gone done nan problem of making galore gameplay tweaks while adding a wealthiness of quality-of-life enhancements present is simply a insignificant miracle.

Adding bullets to nan (Evoker) chamber

P3R adds online support excessively that gives you a breakdown of what different players did during nan day.

Now, I could beryllium present and type retired each of nan changes that P3R makes complete nan original game, but that database already exists and it’s rather long. The astir visible updates are nan spiffier graphics and aesthetics that put nan crippled much successful statement pinch Persona 5. Every characteristic comes pinch a much detailed, slender model, while nan in-game menus are amended animated and little static. Both nan hallways of Gekkoukan High School and Tartarus person a wider perspective, pinch Tartarus having a thorough creation overhaul from Arqa and beyond.

This isn’t nan only measurement that P3R leans into nan much modern Persona 5 system. Every SEES personnel tin beryllium fixed nonstop orders and you tin now Shift betwixt characters for illustration Baton Passes. Damage-dealing Light and Dark spells person been added, on pinch caller Theurgy skills that enactment for illustration limit breaks for each statement member. Fuuka has been redesigned pinch unthinkable abilities that she tin trigger during a conflict arsenic well.

A building rebuilt

This image has an quiet alt attribute; its record sanction is persona-3-reload-twilight-fragment.jpgTwilight Fragments are utilized to unfastened these typical chests and activating nan timepiece connected nan first level of Tartarus.

Coupled pinch nan artistic changes and remixed soundtrack, exploration done Tartarus feels little for illustration a grindfest. First and foremost, nan Fatigue mechanic has been thankfully nixed altogether. Shuffle Time is nary longer random, allowing you to prime what paper you want, which includes caller Major Arcana cards for typical boons that past until nan extremity of nan day. Twilight Fragments, which you tin cod astir town, successful dungeons, and from Elizabeth’s requests, tin beryllium utilized to unfastened locked chests passim Tartarus. You tin besides walk 7 fragments to reconstruct your party’s HP and SP astatine nan timepiece connected nan lobby floor.

Deeper into Tartarus, you tin unlock caller Monad Doors that lead to dungeons pinch optional bosses and typical rewards. If you’re consenting to walk nan Twilight Fragments, you tin participate a Clock Room wherever you whitethorn person 2 different SEES members automatically level to your protagonist’s level. Overall, this makes grinding little of a hassle, while making exploration much breathtaking and randomized. 

For amended and worse, Persona 3 Reload doesn’t make excessively galore changes to nan game’s original plot. Persona 3 doesn’t person societal links pinch your statement members, and Strega still doesn’t make for a group of compelling villains. There’s not overmuch Reload could do to change these elements without upending nan story, though it does adhd respective caller episodes pinch your statement members that thief bring them person together. The caller English sound formed does a reasonably good occupation too, though I miss Liam O’Brian arsenic nan sound character for Akihiko.

Persona 3 Reload Final Verdict

Even among different Persona 3 remasters, Persona 3 Reload is nan caller definitive type of nan original game. Though I replayed Persona 3 a fewer years ago, I was still amazed by nan sheer number of improvements and additions successful Reload. For nan liking of completion, Atlus should see adding DLC that adds an action to play arsenic nan female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable. That would make maine reload nan crippled each complete again.

Positives and Negatives

  • Better graphics and stylish aesthetics

  • New Theugy system, Fuuka abilities, and Shift passes

  • Tartarus has caller randomized elements, little of a grind

  • Remixed euphony

  • Persona 3 crippled remains nan same, for amended and worse