Please install that patch – but don't you dare actually run it

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On Call As Friday dawns pinch its committedness of rebooting nan moving week, The Register presses nan fastener to people different instalment of On Call – our weekly, reader-contributed file that shares real-world tales of being flummoxed by nan farces they're asked to fix.

This week, meet "Kane" who shared nan communicative of nan clip a customer asked him to link a retention cluster to an ESXi host.

"The big had utilized each its soul retention and nan customer wanted to adhd other drives," Kane told On Call. He countered pinch a proposal to alternatively link nan big to nan 40 terabytes of unused retention successful a cluster his customer already operated, but was mostly ignoring.

Kane hadn't made this benignant of relationship before, but knew ESXi would happily link to outer storage.

Yet arsenic he tried to make it work, Kane struggled to get nan retention cluster to pass pinch nan host. He yet learned that nan cluster's OS couldn't do nan occupation because it was moving very aged package that was good and genuinely past extremity of life.

Kane truthful sought support to upgrade nan cluster, and requested an outage model successful which to make nan change.

The petition for nan upgrade was approved. But he was denied an outage window.

When Kane explained this argumentation would mean he couldn't execute nan task for which he was being paid a patient hourly rate, he was told his customer had a argumentation not to let outages.

  • Techie climbed a upland only beryllium told not to touch nan kit connected top
  • Standards-obsessed leader ignored one, and suffered each nighttime for his sin
  • While we occurrence nan boss, tin you fastener him retired of nan network?
  • People powerfulness made payroll support successful putrid places prodigiously perilous

It was astatine this constituent Kane asked astir information patches – which much often than not require a reboot earlier they'll work. Surely nan customer allowed nan little outages required to guarantee they were decently implemented?

It did not.

"You could instal information patches and upgrade an OS if you wanted to, but you could not reboot," Kane told On Call. "Even erstwhile nan information spot required a reboot to return afloat effect."

The Register feels nan org Kane served truthful produced awesome uptime statistics, but shudders to deliberation astir nan authorities of its security.

So did Kane. He told america astir of nan servers location perpetually displayed nan connection "Reboot required."

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