Plex is now in the movie rental business, with a catch or two

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The rentals surface connected Plex.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Plex — everyone’s favourite media server — has agelong been utilized to shape your location library. More recently, it’s been successful nan FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) game, serving up ad-supported content. And now it’s getting into nan movie rental game, pinch titles starting astatine $4 a pop. And it’s each wholly abstracted from nan , which adds each kinds of goodies to nan Plex experience.

Devices supported for playback astatine motorboat see Amazon Fire TV, Android and Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, PlayStation, Roku, various smart TVs, and Xbox. If your favourite instrumentality happens to not activity pinch nan rentals conscionable yet, you tin ever cheque things retired successful a web browser.

On which devices tin you really rent nan movies? Well, that’s a small much limited. Mainly because iOS is simply a no-go truthful far. You tin rent elsewhere and watch connected your Apple device, but not really salary that way. Same goes for Amazon Fire TV.

The costs system varies a small connected supported devices, too. You’ll spell done Google Play connected Google’s Android devices. Roku goes done Roku and Vizio (mostly) done Vizio. On platforms for illustration PlayStation, Xbox, and immoderate smart TVs, you will salary done Plex itself. None of that should beryllium a deal-breaker, but it’s besides not nan astir elegant of solutions.

One much catch: This is each constricted to nan U.S., for now. But Plex does opportunity that it intends to grow internationally astatine immoderate point.

Rented movies won’t person ads, which is nice. And you’ll person 30 days to really watch a movie erstwhile you’ve paid to rent it. But arsenic soon arsenic you deed play, you’ll only person 48 hours to do so. That’s reasonably modular for this benignant of thing.

Plex says that movies will beryllium served successful 1080p resolution, and successful 5.1 situation sound erstwhile possible.

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