Pro-China campaign targeted YouTube with AI avatars

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Think vessel Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) past week published specifications of a run that spreads English connection pro-China and anti-US narratives connected YouTube.

The campaign, which ASPI calls Shadow Play, includes 30 YouTube channels that person collectively published complete 4,500 videos, accumulating 120 cardinal views and 730,000 subscribers. ASPI reported nan accounts to YouTube and 19 of nan channels were subsequently removed. According to nan think tank, Shadow Play has been operating since mid-2022. At times it uses AI to make voiceovers. "To our knowledge, this is 1 of nan first times that video essays, together pinch generative AI voiceovers, person been utilized arsenic a maneuver successful an power operation," explained ASPI.

One relationship utilized an avatar to coming its vids – an enactment nan deliberation vessel believes was nan first lawsuit of a Chinese AI-generated avatar being utilized successful an power operation.

ASPI concluded nan usability of nan run is Mandarin-speaking and is apt "a commercialized character operating nether immoderate grade of authorities direction, backing aliases encouragement."

Shadow Play precocious six chopped narratives, pinch 2 ascendant themes: that China is "winning" a exertion warfare pinch nan US; and nan title for uncommon world minerals.

Other narratives see that "the US is headed for illness and its confederation partnerships are fracturing; that China and Russia are responsible, tin players successful geopolitics; that nan US dollar and nan US system are weak; and that China is highly tin and trusted to present monolithic infrastructure projects," outlined ASPI.

Infosys loses 4th elder exec

The main financial serviceman (CFO) of India-based IT outsourcer Infosys has resigned from his position, according to a December 11 regulatory filing.

Nilanjan Roy's past time arsenic CFO will beryllium March 31, 2024. Current lawman CFO Jayesh Sanhrajka will measurement into nan domiciled connected April 1.

According to a property release, Roy, who has been CFO since 2018, "has decided to measurement down to prosecute his individual aspirations extracurricular of Infosys." Roy's is nan 4th important departure from Infosys announced successful 2023. CEO Mohit Joshi departed for rival Tech Mahindra successful March 2023. The different 2 execs include caput of HR, Richard Lobo, and main accusation information serviceman Vishal Salvi.

China proposes ten-minute deadline for information breach reporting

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology past Friday published draught guidelines for reporting of information information issues. The projected authorities would require victims of terrible breaches to notify authorities by telephone wrong 10 minutes of detecting an incident.

That swift consequence should not beryllium onerous, arsenic nan connection requires Chinese orgs to found emergency consequence teams. After a breach, that squad is expected to run 24 hours a time until nan rumor is addressed.

Reports to authorities must beryllium comprehensive, pinch omission of specifications punished.

"Any portion aliases individual who commits different dereliction of work aliases dereliction of work during emergency activity shall beryllium taxable to manufacture supervision," nan connection states (after instrumentality translation). – Simon Sharwood

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  • Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo motion up for $42 cardinal strategy to make kit successful India
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TikTok's Indonesian gambit gets ministerial nod

Indonesia's Minister of Trade has voiced support for nan projected strategical business betwixt Chinese societal media elephantine TikTok and section super-app developer GoTo.

"Hopefully what nan authorities is doing pinch Tokopedia and TikTok and others will thief nan [e-commerce] ecosystem to really supply awesome benefits for nan advancement of SMEs and industry, for nan economical advancement of nan country," elaborate waste and acquisition curate Zulkifli Hasan, according to local media.

Hasan specified that nan authorities would springiness nan e-commerce collaboration three-to-four-months to operate, and would thereafter measure its progress.

The announcement of nan collaboration came conscionable months aft Indonesia banned nan believe of embedding e-commerce accommodation successful societal media platforms.

China's jetliners make first overseas foray

China's home-made rider jets, nan C919 and ARJ21, landed successful Hong Kong past Tuesday – an arena that was celebrated pinch a ceremonial h2o salute. The flights were nan first overseas journeys for nan planes.

The C919 was designed arsenic a competitor to Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. It completed its first commercialized formation successful May.

The formation to Hong Kong was seen arsenic putting nan C919, and nan smaller ARJ21, successful nan shop model for airlines worldwide.

Three Arrows Capital faces court

Leaders of grounded crypto outfit Three Arrows Capital faced questions successful a Singaporecourt past Wednesday aft successfully evading having to supply specifications into wherever its assets dishonesty since its illness successful 2022.

Zhu Su, nan co-founder of nan now-defunct crypto business, reportedly took nan guidelines and was interrogated by lawyers for nan liquidator, Teneo. Zhu was arrested successful September arsenic he was trying to time off Singapore. He is expected to service 4 months successful jailhouse for failing to comply pinch investigations.

In Other News …

Last week's location sum kicked disconnected intriguingly, pinch nan Chinese government's scheme to make a game retired of net censorship by quizzing nan populace connected subjects for illustration regulations and Socialist values.

Meanwhile Nvidia main Jensen Huang told an assemblage successful Singapore that his spot shop is working intimately pinch nan US government to creation chips it tin waste into China without violating export bans – but nan US commerce caput countered that she's not keen connected vendors edging correct up to nan line. She later conceded that since astir AI applications would beryllium commercial and not military successful nature, nan accelerator champ could and should waste chips to China.

A Belgian man recovered retired nan difficult measurement that nan US is superior astir those restrictions erstwhile he was arrested for having masterminded nan smuggling of millions of dollars worthy of contraband tech into China and Russia.

South Korean giants Samsung and SK hynix announced a business pinch Dutch conglomerate ASML – which makes nan lithography instrumentality needed for cutting-edge chips – to found a investigation lab successful nan Korean peninsula.

The Canalys APAC Forum successful Bangkok made nan news a fewer times, including erstwhile Lenovo's elder veep Che Min Tu admitted that nan world's biggest PC vendor intends to keep making Chromebooks because group want them – moreover though they're an biology disaster and lousy for profit margins. Ah, Capitalism.

Lenovo's not conscionable making inexpensive trashy notebooks though, and it was among nan first retired of nan gross pinch an announcement astir building servers based connected Intels's marque spanking caller Emerald Rapids processors. The servers, designed for datacenters and precocious capacity computing, will people beryllium tweaked for AI, because it's 2023 and everything is AI now.

Back astatine nan Canalys APAC Forum, Dell's APAC and Japan president Peter Marrs warned Nvidia that while it's nan undoubted leader successful nan AI processor abstraction correct now, nan manufacture is clamoring for AI accelerators and won't hold for nan champ to present its ballyhooed but delayed adjacent generation. On nan different hand, a sheet astatine nan Forum revealed that while AI whitethorn beryllium nan hype spirit of nan period (or year) few businesses really person immoderate actual idea what they would do pinch it.

China's technological title pinch nan US is not conscionable successful position of AI, but besides successful abstraction exploration. On that front, a group of scientists from nan Middle Kingdom intend to put a quadcopter connected Mars – overmuch arsenic nan US did pinch a helicopter. A quadcopter should beryllium capable to transportation heavier loads of longer distances though.

Also successful China abstraction news, nan magnificently named Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co., besides boringly called i-Space, recycled a rocket after only 38 days – a immense milestone successful nan improvement of reusable motorboat vehicles.