Protect your Active Directory from these Password-based Vulnerabilities

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Person entering credentials

Active Directory (AD) is simply a highly charismatic target for threat actors owed to its captious domiciled arsenic nan personality (or entree and authorization) strategy successful galore organizations. AD houses basal assets including personification credentials, information parameters, and different mission-critical personality and entree components.

A successful breach of AD tin lead to some unauthorized access, and complete power complete nan full environment.

To safeguard business operations from imaginable catastrophic outages, it is basal to stay vigilant against communal AD vulnerabilities, for illustration nan ones listed below. Deploying a information solution for illustration Specops Password Policy enhances nan protection of passwords, which are often exploited arsenic an first introduction constituent by attackers.


The Kerberos authentication protocol is simply a cardinal information system for AD. When users aliases services request to entree a web resource, specified arsenic an exertion aliases document, they authenticate to nan Key Distribution Center (KDC) and person a Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT). This TGT is past utilized to petition work tickets for circumstantial resources.

Kerberoasting is an onslaught method targeting work accounts successful AD that person an associated Service Principal Name (SPN), a unsocial identifier linking a work to an AD account. In this attack, nan perpetrator, typically utilizing a compromised low-level relationship pinch morganatic access, requests work tickets for accounts pinch SPNs.

These tickets are encrypted pinch nan work account’s password. The attacker past tries to ace nan password offline by brute-forcing nan encryption of nan obtained work ticket, not nan TGT.

Strong, analyzable passwords are captious successful defending against Kerberoasting attacks. Implementing robust password policies, and monitoring for different work summons requests tin importantly trim nan risk. Tools for illustration Specops Password Auditor are beneficial arsenic they alteration scanning and discovery of anemic passwords wrong AD, including those recovered successful breached password lists. The instrumentality besides provides visibility into old accounts, which are peculiarly susceptible to Kerberoasting attacks.

Additional measures for illustration utilizing longer and much analyzable passwords for work accounts, enabling AES encryption for Kerberos, and minimizing nan number of work accounts pinch SPNs tin further bolster information against specified attacks.

Password spraying

Like different brute-force attacks, password spraying plays nan measurement game. Attackers, manually aliases done automation tools, effort nan astir communal passwords connected various personification accounts passim an organization, hoping to find a username-password match.

This onslaught useful because group mostly prioritize convenience, adopting elemental passwords that are easy to remember. Therefore, a third-party password solution that tin enforce longer passwords, and artifact nan usage of high-probability passwords, is nan champion approach.

Default credentials

Default aliases identical credentials successful AD tin originate from various scenarios. One communal script is nan scripting of caller personification accounts, which often results successful users having nan aforesaid default password. Another script is erstwhile users person aggregate accounts, specified arsenic an admin and a regular personification account, and they opt for utilizing nan aforesaid password to debar nan hassle of remembering aggregate passwords.

These scenarios airs important information risks arsenic attackers tin utilization default credentials to summation unauthorized entree to systems and delicate data.

To mitigate this issue, Specops Password Auditor tin place users pinch nan aforesaid password successful AD, enabling organizations to reside information gaps caused by default credentials.

Privilege escalation

Privilege escalation is simply a maneuver employed by attackers to summation afloat power complete an organization's network. Attackers will either utilization a strategy vulnerability, bargain personification credentials, aliases conjecture nan passwords of privileged accounts to get higher permissions.

Preventing these devastating attacks requires robust enforcement of password policies, peculiarly for privileged users.

Secure your Active Directory pinch Specops Password Policy

Active Directory serves arsenic a cardinal hub for managing IT resources, users, and devices, making it an charismatic target for cyber attackers. Specops Password Policy enhances information controls successful AD by enforcing beardown password policies.

One of its cardinal features is Breached Password Protection, which blocks complete 4 cardinal known compromised passwords from being used. This helps mitigate nan risks associated pinch password attacks and password reuse.

To further measure nan information of your AD you tin download Specops Password Auditor, a free publication only reporting instrumentality that scans your AD for complete 950 cardinal compromised passwords, blank passwords, identical passwords, and different password-related vulnerabilities.

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