Puzzle games ruled 2023. It’s time we showed them the respect they deserve

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I play conscionable astir each genre of video game, but I particularly emotion a awesome puzzle game. While I bask high-skill experiences that require accelerated reflexes, I admit immoderate cleverly designed crippled that tin trial my encephalon conscionable arsenic much. Titles like The Witness and Portal 2 rank precocious connected my database of all-time favorites, sitting comfortably adjacent to canonical action classics like Mass Effect 2 and The Last of Us.

As personification who follows nan genre closely, fto maine show you: 2023 was 1 hellhole of a twelvemonth for puzzlers.

That’s acknowledgment successful portion to nan continued broadening of nan genre, which has steadily grown successful scope complete gaming’s history. You tin now person thing arsenic mini and accepted as Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! successful nan aforesaid twelvemonth that you get The Talos Principle 2, a monolithic 20-hour escapade packed pinch narrative. This twelvemonth proved that nan puzzle genre is 1 of gaming’s astir varied, pinch wholly caller concepts that consciousness inventive adjacent to big-budget genre games trim from nan aforesaid action-adventure cloth.

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And yet, puzzle games are still treated arsenic a niche. The biggest publishers person mostly abandoned nan genre and there’s no class for it astatine shows for illustration The Game Awards (which has 2 abstracted action honors). If thing else, 2023’s stellar lineup of puzzle games should punctual america to springiness nan due respect connected nan genre.

The twelvemonth successful puzzles

This twelvemonth was truthful beardown for puzzle games that you could trade a beardown Game of nan Year class retired of nan highlights. On nan much accepted broadside of nan spectrum, we saw beardown releases like Station to Station, Rytmos, and Fantavision 20XX. Some of my individual favorites experimented pinch nan classical format successful ways I’ve ne'er seen before. Let’s! Revolution! is an wholly caller operation of Minesweeper and a roguelike, while Storyteller is a clever indie that turns communicative crafting into a imaginative gameplay hook.

A photograph of a span is placed successful a 3D world successful Viewfinder.Sad Owl Studios

You didn’t request to look acold to find a caller acquisition for illustration that. I was particularly blown distant by Viewfinder, which contains nan champion magic instrumentality of nan year. Players lick puzzles by taking 2D photos and placing them successful nan world, instantly turning them into 3D spaces. It’s a mind-bending hook that feels impossible, and that’s precisely nan benignant of point I look for successful games: experiences that are wholly unsocial to nan medium.

This twelvemonth besides saw nan further fusion of nan puzzle and escapade genres, pinch unthinkable results. The Talos Principle 2 is simply a highlight, expanding its philosophical predecessor pinch analyzable puzzles and a meaty communicative that we usually don’t get from this benignant of game. Cocoon, connected nan different hand, saw Limbo lead designer Carlsen Jeppe spreading his wings pinch a sharply designed crippled filled pinch bugs, recursive puzzles, and 1 of nan year’s astir striking worlds.

A bug carries an orb successful Cocoon.Annapurna Interactive

That’s earlier moreover mentioning my 2 favorites of nan bunch, some of which made Digital Trends’ apical 10 database this year. First, there’s Humanity, a fascinating crippled astir directing swarms of group that’s particularly enthralling successful VR. It doesn’t conscionable incorporate a nosy puzzle gimmick; it’s 1 of nan year’s astir effective, and often harrowing, reflections connected quality beings and each nan things we’re tin of. Then there’s Chants of Sennaar, an ingenious crippled astir deducing unfamiliar languages utilizing discourse clues. It’s a crisp conclusion crippled that gives maine nan aforesaid emotion Return of nan Obra Dinn near maine pinch years ago.

Even that feels for illustration a woefully incomplete roundup of everything nan puzzle genre had to connection this year. American Arcadia turned nan Limbo look into a blockbuster puzzle-platformer, Birth is simply a delightful point-and-click crippled astir loneliness, and Zach Gage’s newspaper-inspired Puzzmo mightiness beryllium my single-favorite gaming task this year.

A look astatine a regular Puzzmo page.Puzzmo

Despite truthful galore highlights, games for illustration these person to scrape and claw to get nickname astatine nan extremity of immoderate fixed year. With nary due class dedicated to nan genre astatine The Game Awards, a batch of these titles only extremity up opinionated a chance successful nan show’s 2 indie categories, and occasionally Games for Impact. There’s nary abstraction for a crippled arsenic highly regarded arsenic The Talos Principle 2 to get love, arsenic nan “Action-Adventure” class excludes thing that doesn’t characteristic immoderate shape of combat. Just astir each of nan games I’ve highlighted are smaller indies too, which intends they don’t guidelines overmuch of a chance successful categories for illustration Art Direction against method behemoths for illustration Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Even if there’s fewer mechanisms successful spot to formally admit their importance, nan puzzle genre brought america a wealthiness of invention this year. It’s nan 1 abstraction that continues to germinate while truthful galore different styles person settled into repeatable templates. If you want to spot much imaginative games extracurricular of nan open-world escapade mold, past support and observe nan independent developers crafting immoderate of gaming’s astir inventive experiences.

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