Puzzle masterpiece Threes! is back to eat every moment of your spare time, this time on Steam Deck

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Wave goodbye to each infinitesimal of spare clip – and astir apt rather a spot of clip you astir apt intended to walk doing different things – adjacent week, arsenic modern-day puzzle masterpiece Threes! comes to Steam. It’ll person Steam Deck support too, truthful there’s genuinely nary escaping its irresistible charms.

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This period marks nan 10-year day of developer’s Asher Vollmer wildfire hit, which recovered its measurement onto PC via a browser type astatine nan extremity of 2015 aft tearing up mobile charts – and spawned a full load of knock-offs on nan way, astir famously 2048. Still, a decade later, nan original remains unmatched successful position of a elemental puzzle thought executed pinch specified laser-focused precision to your mesolimbic strategy that it tin execute nan magic instrumentality of vanishing hours astatine a clip arsenic you effort to up your score.

For those yet to acquisition that magic: Threes! is simply a puzzle game successful which you descent a grid of numbered blocks around, pinch matching numbers that adhd up to multiples of 3 (hence nan name!) melding together into ever-bigger totals. Melding nan numbers frees up abstraction connected your grid for much numbers, truthful nan purpose is to support adding and adding to watch nan numbers get arsenic large arsenic possible.

That really is it, and yet Threes! is truthful overmuch much than that – saying it’s a “numbers puzzle game” is for illustration calling Tetris a “block stacking puzzle”. The brilliant is successful its simplicity, and nan truth that Threes! doesn’t request thing much than its foundational premise, cleanable creation (courtesy of creator Greg Wohlwend) and Jimmy Hinson’s tinkling people to beryllium thing you find yourself playing successful each free second.

Introducing bat-number Threejay successful Threes!'s nighttime mode Image credit: Asher Vollmer

Threes!’s upcoming motorboat connected Steam will adhd a small spot much to nan original. Most importantly, it’ll travel pinch afloat Steam Deck support – including touch controls – truthful you tin play connected nan spell if you want a bigger surface than your phone. It’ll besides person controller and keyboard power schemes arsenic an alternative.

The PC port’s different features see unreality saves, achievements and an replacement soundtrack for nan game’s nighttime mode. That’s bully and all, but it’s still Threes! – and that’s what’s really important here. It’ll beryllium out connected Steam adjacent Tuesday, February 6th, connected nan nonstop 10th day of nan game. Happy birthday, Threes!