Qualcomm claims new chips are 21% faster than Apple’s M3

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Qualcomm reference instrumentality pinch Snapdragon logo.Fionna Agomuoh / DigitalTrends

We were capable to cheque retired immoderate demoes and spot a dummy portion moving nan company’s caller Snapdragon X Elite PC chip, and Qualcomm is making immoderate large capacity claims against Apple’s latest silicon.

The Snapdragon’s Qualcomm Oyron CPU, which was announced successful October, was being compared to nan Apple M2 Max chip astatine nan time. The marque stated successful October that its constituent tin lucifer nan highest capacity of an ARM-compatible competitor utilizing 30% little power. But since then, nan title has changed.

A Qualcomm demo laptop pinch a descent showing capacity comparisons.Fionna Agomuoh / Digital Trends

Apple notably announced its M3 bid chips and accompanying laptops a week aft Qualcomm announced nan Snapdragon X Elite. Performance has been nan champion constituent of comparison, particularly since Apple has yet to genuinely delve into nan AI space. Qualcomm has compared nan CPU to nan caller M3 chip, likewise claiming that its spot outperforms nan starring ARM-compatible competitor for single-threaded CPU performance. Qualcomm besides says nan Oyron spot is 21% faster than nan M3 successful multi-core performance. That’s rather nan bold claim.

Speaking pinch Qualcomm, nan shaper noted that location are bound to beryllium differences successful nan package experiences, but nan hardware remains a accordant metric.

“The acquisition is not going to beryllium nan aforesaid because they’re moving macOS and we’re moving Windows, but successful position of hardware, which is nan only point we tin control, it’s bully hardware,” Sascha Segan, elder nationalist relations head told Digital Trends.

In October, Qualcomm besides rated its Oyron CPU arsenic faster than nan starring x86 CPU connected nan market. However, Intel has announced its latest 14th-gen Meteor Lake processors arsenic of Thursday. Intel has shared its ain specifications for nan chips, which besides see AI capabilities and various capacity statistics, including immoderate really awesome integrated graphics. However, Qualcomm says it has not yet gotten a chance to comparison nan caller bid to nan Snapdragon X Elite.

Snapdragon-powered PCs are group for mid-2024 readiness from vendors including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Honor, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Samsung, and Mi. Meanwhile, Qualcomm has had unit members utilizing unbranded reference devices internally to affirmative reviews that statement not only nan capacity improvements, but nan long-rumored induction of on-device AI capabilities for AI PCs.

Segan said to return advantage of nan first people of Snapdragon-powered PCs, consumers should forgo purchasing laptops now and hold until nan mediate of adjacent year.

The hype is real, and we won’t person to hold excessively overmuch longer to spot if it lives up to nan large claims.

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The CPU includes 12 high-performance cores nestled into 3 clusters. These cores tally astatine 3.8GHz, according to Qualcomm, but 2 of them tin boost up to 4.25GHz astatine a time. In summation to nan CPU and GPU, nan X Elite SoC sports LPDDR5x representation connected a representation interface that tin present 136GB/s of bandwidth.

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