Qualcomm says Oryon chips are faster than Macs’, but we’ve been here before

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Jacob Roach

By Jacob Roach October 24, 2023 12:00PM

Snapdragon's X Elite PC SoC.Qualcomm

Qualcomm wants to “revolutionize” PCs … again. At its yearly Snapdragon Summit, nan institution announced nan first processor nether its Snapdragon X branding for PC. The Snapdragon X Elite is simply a system-on-a-chip (SoC) designed astir Qualcomm’s Oryon CPU and Adrendo GPU that comes pinch a dedicated neural processing portion (NPU).

The CPU includes 12 high-performance cores nestled into 3 clusters. These cores tally astatine 3.8GHz, according to Qualcomm, but 2 of them tin boost up to 4.25GHz astatine a time. In summation to nan CPU and GPU, nan X Elite SoC sports LPDDR5x representation connected a representation interface that tin present 136GB/s of bandwidth.

A summary of features for nan Snapdragon X Elite.Qualcomm

The spot is built connected a 4nm process node, and Qualcomm says it provides doubly nan CPU capacity of nan 12-core Intel Core i7-1360P astatine highest power, and nan aforesaid capacity while utilizing 68% little power. Compared to nan much powerful Core i7-13800H, Qualcomm says nan Snapdragon X Elite delivers 60% higher capacity astatine highest powerfulness and 65% little powerfulness astatine nan aforesaid capacity level.

Comparisons to Windows machines are interesting, but it’s nan Apple comparison that matters. Qualcomm says nan Snapdragon X Elite achieves 50% higher multi-threaded capacity than Apple’s M2 wrong nan MacBook Pro 13 successful Geekbench 6. It’s worthy pointing retired that Geekbench 6.2, which Qualcomm tested, has some a Mac type and a autochthonal Windows connected ARM version.

That has been nan biggest hurdle for wide take of ARM chips, for illustration nan ones Qualcomm produces, successful PCs. The chips themselves haven’t traditionally been showstoppers successful position of performance. The erstwhile Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 showed important capacity gaps betwixt Intel’s U-series processors and Apple’s M2. With nan Snapdragon X Elite, it seems Qualcomm is yet tackling that issue, but app support is different problem entirely.

Over nan past fewer years, location has been a rising tide of apps pinch autochthonal Windows connected ARM versions, helping nan chips support gait pinch their x86 counterparts. One of nan biggest holdouts has been Google Chrome, which, for illustration different apps without autochthonal ARM versions, are tally done emulation pinch overmuch little performance.

Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air placed connected a desk.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

Qualcomm chips wrong PCs supply immoderate important advantages, though. For nan Snapdragon X Elite, Qualcomm says nan chipset tin supply aggregate days of artillery life. Apple’s M-series chips, which are besides based connected ARM designs, show nan ratio advantages of this instruction set. Even Windows laptops pinch stellar artillery life are successful a clear convention beneath Apple’s M-series MacBooks.

In addition, nan X Elite sports 5G connectivity and support for Wi-Fi 7, on pinch a dedicated NPU that Qualcomm says is tin of moving Large Language Models (LLM) up to 13 cardinal parameters connected device. This NPU has four-and-a-half times nan AI processing powerfulness of competitors, according to Qualcomm.

With increasing app support, a much powerful chipset, and immoderate clear advantages successful artillery life and connectivity, it whitethorn yet beryllium clip for Windows connected ARM to radiance pinch nan Snapdragon X Elite. It’s been much than a decade of trying to get Windows connected ARM to deed nan mainstream, though, and it doesn’t look for illustration that conflict is rather complete yet.

Holdout apps make nan move reliable for consumers, and though location are immoderate advantages successful artillery life and connectivity, you’ll find a overmuch greater abundance of Intel- and AMD-based laptops than those built pinch a Qualcomm chip. At nan very least, it seems Qualcomm has an SoC that tin compete successful position of earthy capacity now. We conscionable person to wait, erstwhile again, to spot if it yet catches on. Qualcomm says nan first PCs pinch nan Snapdragon X Elite will beryllium disposable starting successful mid-2024.

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