Reap the benefits of GenAI integration

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Webinar When nan history of generative AI is recorded successful immoderate early decade, 2023 is apt to beryllium presented arsenic nan twelvemonth erstwhile it each really sewage going.

There are perchance immense business advantage to beryllium had from integrating generative AI into your processes and applications, and multimodal instauration models which tin make text, images, code, and audio are often nan source. Making nan correct prime tin beryllium a situation though: wherever do you commencement moreover looking for nan instauration exemplary that champion meets your organization's performance, latency, and costs requirements? How tin you customize pretrained models for illustration Llama 2 for circumstantial tasks utilising your information for finetuning?

Join HPE experts successful our webinar connected 7th November 5pm GMT/9am PT/12pm ET arsenic they research really to accelerate your take of instauration models and generative AI into your products and services. The convention will connection proposal connected really to usage techniques specified arsenic punctual engineering, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and good tuning to thief you trim time, costs and nan infrastructure load erstwhile getting started pinch managed services. It will besides talk really to customize instauration models connected your information and make them an master connected your business.

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