Redefining united data protection

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Webinar There is nary longer an disconnected fastener for businesses and organizations, nary closed signs, aliases downtime. This intends endeavor IT operations and information assets must beryllium protected information nan timepiece successful each operating environments.

In nan past this has often resulted successful nan usage of analyzable multi-vendor solutions, but there's a different attack which unites backup and disaster betterment successful an integrated platform. A mixed unit which gives you nan intends to deflect nan astir deceptive and vulnerable of cyber threats.

HPE and Zerto person joined forces to redefine information protection by providing a broad defence that adapts to organizations' evolving infrastructure, for example. The solutions portfolio is made up of Zerto, HPE Greenlake for Disaster Recovery, HPE Greenlake for Backup and Zerto Backup for SaaS, pinch a scope that covers nan full information landscape, safeguarding connected premises, cloud-based, and SaaS data.

Join nan Register's James Hayes connected 26 October 5pm BST/12am EDT/9am PDT to perceive more. James will beryllium talking to Zerto Senior Technology Expert Christopher Rogers arsenic he explains nan beauty of an integrated attack to information protection strategy which relies connected a azygous vendor for disaster betterment and backup.

The HPE and Zerto portfolio is designed to thief you safeguard a wide spectrum of on-premises, unreality and SaaS data. James and Christopher will spell connected to look astatine ways of ensuring business continuity successful nan look of ransomware attacks and different disruptive incidents by adapting solutions to divers environments, and uncover really you tin detect, protect and retrieve each information workloads crossed various tiers while gathering stringent SLAs.

Finally, they'll outline nan Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault – a fortified information vault which utilizes aerial gaps and immutability to connection precocious levels of information resilience.

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