Repairability is making a comeback

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The Nokia G310 5G is simply a coagulated contender successful its value range, but it yet falls a small short.


  • Sleek design
  • Repairability
  • Stripped-back software
  • Excellent battery


  • Camera isn’t great
  • Underperforms

There’s a batch of talk astir really telephone upgrades are becoming old and incremental, but successful reality, there’s still a batch of room for betterment successful nan space. At nan apical end, location are innovations for illustration foldable displays — while astatine nan bottommost end, fund phones are yet getting immoderate of nan features that flagship devices person had for years. 

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One of nan astir recent fund phones to beryllium released is nan caller Nokia G310 5G, which gets things for illustration a triple camera array, a ample display, and a debased value tag. Are these features conscionable a smoke-screen for an yet sub-par device? I’ve been utilizing nan Nokia G310 5G to find out.

Nokia G310 5G specs

Dimensions 165.1 x 75.7 x 8.6 mm
IP rating None
Display resolution 720 x 1,612
Display size 6.56 inches
Display type LCD
Display refresh rate 90Hz
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ 5G
Memory 4GB
Storage 128GB
Rear cameras Wide: 50MP
Macro: 2MP
Depth: 2MP
Video 1080p astatine 60fps
Front camera 8MP
Ports USB-C 2.0
Battery size 5,000mAh
Charging 20W wired
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi 5, 5G
Colors Blue
Price $186

Nokia G310 5G design

The creation of nan Nokia G310 5G is really rather good. Sure, it’s not nan astir premium telephone retired there, and it doesn’t look arsenic such. But it besides does look a small much premium than it really is, which is ever nice. 

On nan backmost of nan telephone tin beryllium recovered a bully metallic-looking back, moreover though it’s really plastic. That surrounds nan vertically aligned triple camera array. On nan correct broadside of nan telephone tin beryllium recovered nan powerfulness fastener (with a built-in fingerprint sensor), on pinch a measurement rocker. On nan bottom, there’s a USB-C port, coupled pinch a bully ol’ headphone jack. It’s not dormant yet, folks.

Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The instrumentality is intelligibly made from plastic, but it doesn’t consciousness inexpensive successful nan hand. Part of that has to do pinch nan truth that it has immoderate heft to it, on pinch nan bully level edges connected nan sides.

Nokia says that it has designed nan telephone pinch repairability successful mind. The instrumentality offers Nokia’s alleged QuickFix technology, meaning that it’ll supply parts and guides to iFixit for easier repairs. According to Nokia, things for illustration nan battery, screen, charging port, and much tin beryllium self-repaired — which is very cool.

Nokia G310 5G display

The surface connected nan telephone starts to beryllium why nan instrumentality is truthful cheap. The show is bully and big, astatine 6.56 inches, pinch a solution of 720 x 1,612, and a 90Hz refresh rate. I often don’t mind swapping solution for a higher refresh rate, and it is bully that you tin get a 90Hz sheet here. But I find nan little limit to that trade-off, for me, is 1080p. At 720p, nan show connected this telephone does so look a small low-resolution.

Nokia G310 5G ScreenImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Still, arsenic mentioned, nan truth that it’s a 90Hz surface is nice. This helps let for soft scrolling and animations.

Apart from nan solution and refresh rate, nan surface gets agleam capable for day-to-day use, but it didn’t needfully rustle maine away. In immoderate situations, for illustration successful very agleam environments, you whitethorn find it difficult to spot content. 

Nokia G310 5G performance

Under nan hood, nan telephone isn’t unspeakable — but it’s intelligibly a fund phone. The instrumentality is powered by a Snapdragon 480+ 5G, which intends that it’ll lag a small compared to nan competition. That spot is coupled pinch 4GB of RAM.

The telephone performs astir really I expected, which is to say, it’s a small slow. It won’t load games arsenic quickly arsenic a higher-end device, and I did find that it regularly stuttered and dropped frames, moreover during seemingly basal tasks. Multitasking particularly made this an issue.

Benchmark results confirmed nan little performance. The telephone scored nan beneath benchmark results:

  • GeekBench 6: 748 single-core, 1892 multi-core

As you tin see, nan Nokia G310 5G isn’t really a high-performing device. It’ll do nan occupation for astir basal tasks, for illustration making calls and scrolling societal media — but if you’re looking for a gaming instrumentality aliases thing for heavier multitasking, it whitethorn beryllium worthy looking elsewhere.

Nokia G310 5G artillery and charging

Nokia G310 5G PortImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Perhaps nan standout characteristic of this telephone is its artillery life. Between nan 5,000mAh artillery and nan low-resolution display, nan telephone tin outlast plentifulness of some similarly-priced and overmuch much costly competition. The instrumentality was easy capable to get maine done a afloat time of usage pinch complete 50% of nan artillery remaining, and astir will beryllium capable to compression 2 days of mean usage retired of nan phone. Motorola claims up to 3 days — however, I don’t deliberation astir users will get there.

It doesn’t needfully complaint each that quickly, though. The instrumentality tin complaint astatine up to 20W pinch a compatible USB-PD charger, and it’ll return a fewer hours to afloat charge. The instrumentality does not support wireless charging, unfortunately. 

Nokia G310 5G camera

On nan back, arsenic mentioned, tin beryllium recovered a triple camera array — but unfortunately, only 1 of those cameras is really usable. You’ll find a 50-megapixel main camera, on pinch a 2-megapixel macro camera and a 2-megapixel extent camera. 

Nokia G310 5G CameraImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

As you would expect, nan extent camera is only utilized for further information erstwhile taking photos, while nan macro camera is debased value and unnecessarily included. These 2-megapixel macro cameras person outstayed their welcome, moreover connected fund phones. They only service arsenic a measurement for companies to marketplace a triple-camera system.

But nary of that intends that nan telephone can’t nutrient decent images. In well-lit environments, images are perfectly fine. They won’t get adjacent to flagship devices retired there, but they’re not perfectly terrible.

That changes a small successful debased ray aliases erstwhile utilizing nan macro camera. These images are sub-par, and I dream companies for illustration Nokia proceed to amended connected low-light photography, moreover successful their fund ranges.

Nokia G310 5G software

The package acquisition connected nan Nokia G310 5G is beautiful good. The telephone offers a beautiful banal package experience, meaning that Nokia mostly makes minimal tweaks to nan package interface. That besides intends that everything is beautiful overmuch wherever you would expect it to beryllium — including successful nan settings.

Thankfully, there’s almost nary bloatware connected nan phone. There are nary other unwanted apps, and nan only further app that is present is nan Nokia “My Device” app, which offers immoderate tips connected utilizing nan phone, a instrumentality wellness tool, and more. I didn’t usage nan app isolated from for nan reappraisal — others whitethorn usage it more.


The Nokia G310 5G whitethorn not beryllium nan champion caller telephone retired there, but it does do a small amended than we expected, fixed its value range. Even better, of course, is nan truth that it’s much repairable than others — and we’re hoping different telephone manufacturers travel suit successful offering amended repairability overall.

The competition

This instrumentality goes up against reliable competition, including from nan likes of nan Samsung Galaxy A14. The Galaxy A14 offers a higher-resolution display, a better-performing chip, and a much versatile camera. If you’re looking for a awesome telephone nether $200, you should spell for nan Galaxy A14.

Should I bargain nan Nokia G310 5G?

No. You should bargain nan Samsung Galaxy A14 instead.