Rise of deepfake threats means biometric security measures won't be enough

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Cyber attacks utilizing AI-generated deepfakes to bypass facial biometrics information will lead a 3rd of organizations to uncertainty nan adequacy of personality verification and authentication devices arsenic standalone protections.

Or truthful says consultancy and marketplace watcher Gartner, arsenic deepfakes predominate nan news since sexually definitive AI-generated viral images of popstar Taylor Swift prompted fans, Microsoft, and nan White House to telephone for action.

However, nan relentless march of AI exertion tin besides beryllium nan origin of headaches for endeavor security. Remote relationship recovery, for example, mightiness trust connected an image of nan individual's look to unlock security. But since these could beryllium beaten by images copied from societal media and different sources, information systems employed "liveness detection" to spot if nan petition was from nan correct individual.

As good arsenic matching an individual's image to nan 1 connected record, systems relying connected liveness discovery besides effort to trial if they are really location done an "active" petition specified arsenic a caput activity aliases "passive" sensing of micro facial movements and nan attraction of nan eyes.

Yet these approaches could now beryllium duped by AI deepfakes and request to beryllium supplemented by further layers of security, Gartner's VP Analyst Akif Khan told The Register.

He said that defense against nan caller threat tin travel from supplementing existing measures aliases improving connected them.

"Let's say, for example, nan vendor knows that an IP verification process shows nan personification is moving an iPhone 13 and understands nan camera solution of nan device, past if nan [presented deepfake doesn't lucifer these parameters] it mightiness propose that it's been digitally injected," he said.

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Other examples of supplementary information mightiness see looking astatine instrumentality location aliases wave of requests from nan aforesaid device, he said.

Security strategy developers are besides trying to usage AI – typically heavy neural networks – to inspect nan presented images to look for signs that they are deepfakes. "One vendor showed maine an illustration of respective deepfake images that they had detected, and nan faces looked very different," Khan told us.

"However, erstwhile you really zoomed successful location were connected each of nan heads 3 aliases 4 hairs, which were each successful nan absolute nonstop aforesaid benignant of configuration of for illustration 3 aliases 4 hairs overlapping pinch each different successful a measurement that conscionable looked eerily identical crossed these for illustration 3 aliases 4 different people. That was for illustration an artifact that they usage to find that really these are synthetically created images."

Organizations should usage some approaches to take sides against deepfake threats to biometric security, he said.

"It's classical defense-in-depth security. I would not want to opportunity 1 attack was amended than immoderate different because I deliberation nan champion attack would beryllium to usage each of nan layers available." ®