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Webinar It is simply a stratospheric number of emails pinging astir nan globe and nan sheer measurement offers a seductively lucrative phishing opportunity to nan legion of bad actors retired there.

Email is, by each accounts, 1 of nan astir difficult applications to unafraid and Business Email Compromise (BEC) is estimated to person caused $50 cardinal of losses to organizations successful nan past decade. It is simply a criminal activity connected an exponential maturation curve.

How to extremity this full-scale phishing attack? Cloudflare has surveyed much than 300 information chiefs crossed nan world astir nan existent authorities of phishing and released its 2023 Phishing Threats Report which tracks nan phenomenon. It discloses not only what are nan astir communal and vulnerable ways that attackers are utilizing BEC, but besides nan latest innovations successful deception.

Join our "Defending Against Business Email Compromise" webinar connected 12 September 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT to perceive nan Register's Tim Phillips successful chat pinch Cloudflare's Oren Falkowitz. They will look astatine nan report's findings, connection insights into which threats are connected nan emergence and what are those hardest to take sides against, and supply applicable guidance connected really to unafraid your organization.

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