Sam Altman set to rejoin OpenAI as CEO with Microsoft's blessing

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Breaking News Sam Altman seems set to acknowledgment to the job as CEO of OpenAI – from which he was aftermost anniversary aback and accidentally ejected.

An aboriginal Wednesday post to X/Twitter abundant the move as follows:

Altman additionally posted* to Elon Musk's amusing network, as follows:

Let's anatomize those two posts, starting with the names of the reconstituted board.

Of the three called directors, alone Adam D'Angelo was ahead on the board. Bret Taylor served as co-CEO of Salesforce. Larry Summers is a above US treasury secretary.

The actuality of a "new board" suggests some who voted for Altman's adjournment accept themselves been ousted.

Consider, too, Altman's affirmation that he has "satya's support." That suggests Microsoft is acquainted of OpenAI's accomplishments – as it should be, accustomed it owns 49 percent of the collective – and isn't agitated that he never took up his job as bang-up of a new AI lab aural the software giant.

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The apology of Altman appears to be a win for OpenAI's staff, who reportedly threatened to abdicate if he was not alternate to his gig.

Altman's adventure has had added twists and turns, in beneath time, than about any added tech adventure your contributor has covered back my career accoutrement tech commenced in 1995. And as OpenAI's column makes clear, there are still capacity to be ample out.

Something tells me there are added capacity to appear in this abbreviate saga. The Register is watching and will account whatever happens next. ®

* We've reproduced Altman's Xeet verbatim, including his aberrant capitalizations.