Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+

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The Galaxy S24 family is here, and if you inquire us, each instrumentality of nan trio has its ain spot nether nan sun. Traditionally, nan Plus exemplary tends to get nan slightest attraction from buyers, and honestly, we don’t expect things to beryllium immoderate different this year. However, arsenic we’ve already said connected a fewer occasions this year, nan S24+ is arguably person to nan Ultra than moreover successful position of features. A ample QHD show and an almost identical-size 4,900 mAh artillery sound beautiful enticing. All nan while, nan S24+ is still rather a spot cheaper than nan S24 Ultra, while nan upsell from a vanilla S24 to an S24+ isn’t rather arsenic bad.

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Still, nan Galaxy S24 maintains its clear advantage if you are aft a compact flagship device. And moreover if you don’t mind a bigger device, nan S24 is still nan cheapest measurement to get into nan shiny caller S24 family pinch its Galaxy AI and 7 years of package updates. Let’s do a spot of a comparison for anyone retired location wondering betwixt nan Galaxy S24 and nan S24+.

For starters, you tin compare nan complete specs sheets aliases straight proceed pinch our editor’s appraisal successful nan matter further down below.

Size comparison

Samsung didn’t substantially alteration nan footprint of either nan S24 aliases nan S24+ compared to past year. The Korean elephantine managed to fresh somewhat larger displays (6.2-inch and 6.7-inch, respectively), mostly acknowledgment to nan abstraction savings afforded by LTPO tech.

The quality successful size betwixt nan brace is beautiful substantial. The Vanilla Galaxy S24 remains 1 of nan fewer compact modern flagships connected nan market. All nan while, nan S24+ has a show almost nan size of that of nan S24 Ultra. The S24 is some thinner and shorter than nan S24+. They are astir nan aforesaid successful position of thickness, and nan quality successful weight betwixt nan 2 is astir 30 grams. Speaking of which, it is possibly absorbing to statement that nan S24 Ultra weighs a whopping 232 grams, which is simply a bully 36 grams much than nan S24+, making nan S24+ a bully action for a large-display Samsung flagship that saves connected some weight and size.

The styling is identical betwixt nan vanilla S24 and nan S24+. Other than nan size difference, nan 2 are externally identical. They moreover person nan aforesaid colour options: Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, Amber Yellow, Jade Green, Sandstone Orange and Sapphire Blue. Some of these are only disposable consecutive from Samsung’s store.

This year’s caller creation detail, shared betwixt nan S24 and S24+, is nan matte finish. It is peculiarly visible connected nan mediate framework of nan phone.

Speaking of nan mediate frame, its worldly has been upgraded from nan S23 procreation and is now Armor aluminum 2. It is expected to amended some driblet and scratch resistance. Besides that, you still get nan fantabulous Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protective solid connected some nan phones’ beforehand and back. The caller Gorilla Glass Armor remains exclusive to nan S24 Ultra this year. Both phones besides bask a afloat IP68 ingress protection rating.

Display comparison

Both nan S24 and S24+ person fantabulous Samsung-made, Dynamic AMOLED 2X panels. Both are from nan aforesaid procreation and advertise a whopping 2,600 nits of maximum brightness.

In our standardized testing, nan S24 managed 785 nits connected nan slider and 1,401 nits successful car mode, while nan S24+ did 781 nits connected nan slider and 1,452 nits successful car mode. Once we started to shrink nan achromatic patch, nan brightness went northbound of 2,000 nits, truthful we person nary uncertainty nan advertised values are achievable.

Both phones besides get LTPO tech this year, which not only helped Samsung fresh somewhat larger panels successful what is fundamentally nan aforesaid footprint arsenic nan S23 and S23+ but besides intends amended move refresh complaint control. Samsung’s LTPO tech is excellent, and truthful is nan company’s refresh complaint switching logic, moreover going arsenic acold arsenic to lucifer video playback framerate pinch nan show refresh rate.

The only blemish connected nan different fantabulous show grounds seems to beryllium nan truth that nan S24 and S24+ still trust connected 8-bit panels while galore competitors person moved connected to 10 aliases moreover 12-bit panels. But that’s honestly very difficult to announcement successful practice.

Battery life

The Galaxy S24 and S24+ some person bigger batteries compared to nan S23 generation. The vanilla S24 has a flimsy bump of 100 mAh, and its artillery is now a bully information 4,000 mAh. The S24+ has added 200 mAh complete its predecessor, and its artillery battalion is now 4,900 mAh. That’s almost arsenic overmuch arsenic nan 5,000 mAh of nan Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung didn’t really summation artillery capacity this twelvemonth to execute amended artillery endurance, though, but alternatively to combat nan seemingly higher powerfulness tie of nan caller procreation of Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chips.

Still, compared to nan older S23, nan vanilla S24 saw a flimsy bump successful its Active Use Score. 12:06 hours retired of specified a compact telephone is good.

As for nan S24+, it only managed a somewhat higher Active Use Score than nan S24, clocking successful astatine 12:30 hours. That mightiness look overseas connected nan surface, but it starts to make consciousness erstwhile you see nan added strain of driving QHD solution connected a overmuch bigger display.

Charging speed

Like erstwhile generations, nan vanilla S24 only gets Samsung’s 25W Super Fast Charging standard. The S24+ is rated for 45W Super Fast Charging, conscionable for illustration nan S24 Ultra. In reality, nan quality successful charging velocity betwixt nan two, while still notable, is not that dramatic.

In our testing nan S24 portion sewage from zero to 29% successful 15 minutes, past 59% successful 30 minutes pinch a afloat complaint taking 1:15 hours. All nan while, we managed to complaint our S24+ to 41% successful 15 minutes, 74% successful 30 minutes, and a afloat complaint took 0:58 hours. Using a 25W powerfulness adapter pinch nan S24+ will adhd 10-15 much minutes to nan clip needed for a afloat charge, and 30 minutes of charging will nett you 60% of complaint alternatively of 74%.

It is worthy noting that while nan Galaxy S24+ supports nan faster 45W charging standard, nan cablegram that comes pinch nan telephone is only rated for 3A and is not tin of specified speeds. Then again, Samsung seems to waste each of its 45W chargers pinch an included 5A cable.

Also worthy noting is that neither telephone comes pinch a charger successful nan box, truthful unless you sewage 1 connected immoderate benignant of promo from your retailer aliases carrier, you mightiness person to spell retired and get one. Samsung’s Super Fast Charging is PD-based, truthful immoderate bully PD charger should work, but we would still urge getting a Samsung 1 to guarantee it has nan correct PPS profiles.

Beyond wired charging, some nan S24 and S24+ support 15W Qi/PMA wireless charging and 4.5W reverse charging.

Speaker test

Both nan Galaxy S24 and S24+ person a hybrid stereo speaker setup pinch a dedicated bottom-firing speaker connected 1 extremity and an amplified earpiece acting arsenic nan 2nd speaker. Both phones managed a Very Good people successful our testing, which is notably amended than nan erstwhile S23 generation.

Despite their quality successful size, nan S24 and S24+ person practically identical audio systems some successful position of loudness and existent sound quality.

You tin comparison really nan 2 phones sound successful controlled acoustic conditions pinch nan samples below. Just make judge you person your headphones connected and nan measurement is astatine max level.


After offering nan S23 procreation only pinch Qualcomm chips for amended aliases worse, Samsung is now backmost to its two-chip solution for nan S24 and S24+. The S24 Ultra still only gets a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. But, depending connected wherever you live, you mightiness either extremity up pinch a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 aliases an Exynos 2400 wrong your S24 aliases S24+. The second is acold much apt since conscionable nan USA, Canada and China get nan Qualcomm variant.

At slightest you get a flagship chipset successful some phones, which is arguably a batch much alluring successful nan smaller S24 since due flagships successful a compact shape facet are truthful difficult to travel by. Our first testing batch was done connected European S24 and S24+ units moving nan Exynos 2400 chipset. For reference, our S24 reappraisal portion is nan 8GB/256GB version, while our S24+ portion is rocking a 12GB/512GB configuration. We would counsel you to debar nan guidelines 128GB S24 since that uses slower UFS 3.1 storage.

We are yet to trial nan Snapdragon type of nan S24 and S24+, but preliminary results do show that tis year, Samsung’s chipset seems to beryllium very adjacent successful wide capacity to Qualcomm’s flagship. Thermals mightiness still beryllium different crossed nan chips, however. Samsung did opportunity that it is upgrading its vapor enclosure cooling solutions crossed nan S24 lineup – perchance to relationship for nan accrued power accumulation by nan caller chipsets.

While nan thermal-throttling behaviour of nan Exynos-equipped S24 and S24+ isn’t unspeakable by immoderate means, we benignant of expected a spot amended connected average. That being said, nan aboveground of neither telephone gets excessively basking to clasp nether load and retired of nan two, nan bigger S24+ expectedly seems to grip power somewhat better. Not by a lot, though.

In position of capacity scores, nan S24+ and S24 negociate almost identical numbers, though nan bigger S24+ does station somewhat higher results connected average. It doesn’t wounded that each Galaxy S24+ units travel pinch 12GB of RAM, whereas nan regular S24 is still stuck astatine 8GB (sans for a peculiar type successful China).

Samsung Galaxy S24


Galaxy S24

AnTuTu 10

Geekbench 6
2,177 single-core

Geekbench 6
6,747 multi-core

Samsung Galaxy S24+


Galaxy S24+

AnTuTu 10

Geekbench 6
2,201 single-core

Geekbench 6
6,926 multi-core

Camera comparison

The Galaxy S24 and S24+ travel pinch what appears to beryllium unchanged camera hardware compared to past year’s models. That includes a somewhat pedestrian but still full-featured triple setup connected nan back, joined by a better-than-most selfie unit.

  • Wide (main): 50MP Samsung ISOCELL (S5K)GN3, 1/1.56″, 1.0µm, f/1.8, 24mm, PDAF, OIS; 4320p@30fps, 2160p@60fps
  • Telephoto: 10MP Samsung ISOCELL (S5K)3K1, 1/3.94″, 1.0µm, f/2.4,67mm, PDAF, OIS; 2160p@60fps
  • Ultrawide: 12MP, 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, f/2.2, 13mm, fixed focus; 2160p@60fps
  • Front camera: 12MP, 1/3.2″, 1.12µm, f/2.2, 26mm, PDAF; 2160p@60fps

It is worthy pointing retired that, yet again, Samsung refused to upgrade nan ultrawide to an autofocusing portion that tin double arsenic a macro shooter. That remains an S24 Ultra feature.

 0.6x - f/2.2, ISO 50, 1/4096s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 1x - f/1.8, ISO 25, 1/3960s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 2x - f/1.8, ISO 25, 1/5696s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 3x - f/2.4, ISO 25, 1/4640s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review

Samsung postulation S24 daylight samples: 0.6x • 1x • 2x • 3x

 0.6x - f/2.2, ISO 50, 1/4128s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 1x - f/1.8, ISO 25, 1/4128s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 2x - f/1.8, ISO 25, 1/6000s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 3x - f/2.4, ISO 25, 1/4688s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review

Samsung postulation S24+ daylight samples: 0.6x • 1x • 2x • 3x

The S24 and S24+ expectedly seizure beautiful overmuch identical photos crossed nan board. Photos successful wide daylight are difficult to fault. They connection awesome detail, opposition and move range. Colors are connected nan vibrant broadside but not disconnected nan charts – Samsung’s been done pinch that overly saturated look for a while now.

Compared to past year’s S23 generation, we would opportunity that nan S24 procreation introduces a spot much contrasty images, but it’s not a immense difference.

Sharpening has been toned down from nan erstwhile generation, and item has a much earthy rendition. The much restrained processing this twelvemonth has resulted successful a spot of a grainier texture. We don’t mind a spot of that luminance sound erstwhile it intends finer textures and a much integrated presentation.

 0.6x - f/2.2, ISO 1250, 1/33s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 1x - f/1.8, ISO 1600, 1/100s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 Night mode - f/1.8, ISO 1000, 1/50s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 3x - f/2.4, ISO 640, 1/33s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review

Samsung postulation S24 low-light samples: 0.6x • 1x • Night mode • 3x

 0.6x - f/2.2, ISO 1250, 1/33s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 1x - f/1.8, ISO 1600, 1/100s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 Night mode - f/1.8, ISO 800, 1/50s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review
 3x - f/2.4, ISO 640, 1/33s - Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Samsung Galaxy S24+ review

Samsung postulation S24+ low-light samples: 0.6x • 1x • Night mode • 3x

Expectedly, nan S24 and S24+ seizure very bully low-light images arsenic well. Exposures are good judged, and nan move scope is nicely wide – there’s nary pronounced brightening of shadows aliases fierce item preservation, but it’s not for illustration location are ample swaths of acheronian aliases excessively blown-out highlights. We’d telephone it a balanced approach.

The atom we saw during nan time is coming astatine nighttime arsenic well, though nan level of retained item erstwhile again makes america admit nan trade-off that Samsung’s gone with.


The prime betwixt a Galaxy S24 and an S24+ is benignant of an overseas one. In our experience, astir users thin to person a size penchant for their phones and nan S24 duo is intelligibly meant to fulfill a different crowd successful that regard. Chances are that if you make nan incorrect choice, you will either extremity up pinch a instrumentality that is measurement excessively mini aliases measurement excessively large for you.

So, nan only measurement to extremity up successful a conundrum betwixt nan S24 and S2+ seems to require perfectly nary size concerns. Also, arriving astatine this peculiar prime apt intends that you person besides considered and rejected getting an older S23 procreation instrumentality of immoderate size since, astatine existent pricing, you should beryllium capable to moreover prime up an S23 Ultra for arsenic overmuch arsenic a vanilla Galaxy S24. If nan S23 procreation hasn’t crossed your mind, you should astir apt see it first for a amended worth deal.

With each that retired of nan way, you whitethorn still want to get a Galaxy S24 of immoderate sort. Perhaps nan 7 years of package support person you excited? Or nan new, brighter LTPO displays? Or you can’t hold to acquisition Galaxy AI? Regardless of nan reason, let’s look astatine your options.

The guidelines 8/128GB Galaxy S24 will group you backmost astir $800/€900/£800/. However, you astir apt don’t want to beryllium stuck pinch nan slower UFS 3.1 storage, truthful you mightiness see nan 8/256GB 1 astatine $860/€960/£860.

At nan aforesaid time, nan guidelines 12/256GB S24+ will group you backmost astir $1,000/€1,150/£1,000. We are still talking astir a superior quality of astir 200 bucks.

If you tin spare nan other cash, you mightiness arsenic good spell for nan arguably much futureproof S24+ pinch 12GB RAM and QHD display.

If redeeming immoderate money is much important, past nan S24 is nan measurement to go. But again, you should astir apt see nan S23 procreation first arsenic it whitethorn supply a amended value.

    Samsung Galaxy S24

    Get nan Samsung Galaxy S24 for:

  • The much compact shape factor.
  • The little price.

    Samsung Galaxy S24+

    Get nan Samsung Galaxy S24+ for:

  • The QHD show solution and bigger surface size.
  • The 12GB of RAM successful each retention variants.
  • The 45W accelerated charging.
  • The Ultra Wideband (UWB) support