Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: buy with your heart, not your head

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Man wearing a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

MSRP $449.00

“Buy nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for its longer artillery life and luxurious materials, not its niche GPS features.”


  • Luxury materials
  • Super crisp screen
  • 3-day artillery life
  • Comprehensive wellness tracking
  • D Buckle strap is excellent


  • Niche further features
  • Slightly slow capacity aft waking up
  • Notifications don't ever aftermath nan screen

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is nan biggest and astir costly Samsung smartwatch you tin buy, and contempt being much than a twelvemonth old, it’s still a existent exemplary successful nan company’s scope alongside nan newer Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

The costs is justified (by Samsung, astatine least) by its luxurious materials and wide toughness, on pinch a large artillery and a earnestly broad sensor array to way your activity and health. The point is, nan Watch 6 models do astir of what nan Pro type does, conscionable for little money. Is it worthy splashing retired for it?

About our Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review

Our reappraisal was primitively published successful August 2022 and past updated successful December 2023. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is still existent and tin beryllium purchased marque new, hence our determination to revisit it aft a comparatively agelong time. The package connected nan smartwatch has been updated since its release, but our wide sentiment and reappraisal people person not changed. The reappraisal has been updated throughout, positive location is simply a caller conception commenting connected our acquisition revisiting it successful 2023 correct below.

Revisiting nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro successful 2023

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro against immoderate leaves.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I was amazed to find my sentiment of nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro hardly changed erstwhile I revisited it 16 months aft I first reviewed it, and I still for illustration it a awesome deal. But it has a superior problem: nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Samsung didn’t switch nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro successful 2023, and alternatively launched nan Watch 6 Classic alongside it. It has now go nan apical Samsung smartwatch you should buy.

The Watch 6 Classic has little challenging looks, nan wonderfully tactile beingness rotating bezel, amended performance, and almost each nan features recovered connected nan Watch 5 Pro anyway. Outside of a capacity deficit, there’s thing incorrect pinch nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but erstwhile nan Watch 6 Classic exists, location are only a fewer reasons to see it. Samsung whitethorn want you to deliberation it’s for illustration choosing an Apple Watch Ultra 2 complete an Apple Watch Series 9, but it’s decidedly not.

A personification wearing nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Should you disregard it entirely? No, and this is wherever my sentiment astir it hasn’t really changed. I for illustration nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s design, shape, and materials. The strap and D-Buckle are among nan champion and astir comfortable successful nan business, and nan artillery lasts for a mates of days without a problem. But these are not compelling reasons to bargain it complete nan newer Watch 6 Classic and are alternatively points you’ll usage to warrant buying it because, for illustration me, you person a soft spot for its quirky, oddball nature.

I dream Samsung doesn’t wantonness nan Pro statement erstwhile nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro reaches nan extremity of its life, arsenic pinch immoderate attraction and attention, it could beryllium a good replacement to nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic aliases its sequel successful nan range. But arsenic it stands, you’ll beryllium deliberately not choosing nan champion Samsung smartwatch if you determine to bargain it. It’s not an overtly bad decision, conscionable a contrary one.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: design

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro showing a colorful watch face.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

If you judge what Samsung tells you, nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is simply a smartwatch for outdoorsy people, made for those pinch rough-and-tumble lifestyles who are ever bashing their wristwear against a rock. It’s surely going to beryllium hardwearing arsenic it’s made from titanium, has heavy sapphire crystal complete nan screen, 50 meters’ h2o resistance, a raised bezel to protect nan sapphire and screen, and it comes pinch a heavy rubber strap.

However, it’s not suitable for diving, nan lawsuit buttons aren’t location to make navigation easier erstwhile wearing gloves, there’s nary ace extended artillery mode for a agelong play successful nan wilderness, and — isolated from 1 mini characteristic — nan activity search is precisely nan aforesaid connected nan cheaper Galaxy Watch 5. It connects to Samsung Health, which is an capable portion of fittingness software, but it’s aimed squarely astatine regular group — not athletes, mountaineers, aliases adventurers. This isn’t a competitor to a Garmin, Polar, aliases Suunto sports smartwatch. It’s a posh type of nan aged Galaxy Watch 5.

What makes it posh? It’s made from titanium, but dissimilar titanium connected a luxury mechanical watch, it’s not particularly recognizable arsenic such, pinch a smooth, satin decorativeness alternatively than a brushed aliases textured finish. The lawsuit backmost doesn’t look to beryllium made from titanium either, and it feels for illustration integrative astir nan sensor array, meaning you don’t get nan use of titanium’s skin-friendly properties. During nan summertime I recovered nan Watch 5 Pro gets rather sweaty connected my wrist.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro's floor plan connected a wrist.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Does nan 45mm lawsuit make it excessively big? It’s each relative, but I don’t deliberation you should get worked up complete nan diameter. It’s near-as-makes-no-difference nan aforesaid arsenic nan 44mm Galaxy Watch for a start, and nan small, integrated lugs minimize nan effect of nan ample case. I deliberation it looks normal connected my 6.5-inch wrist. It’s evidently not a minimalist dress watch, but it’s nary larger than a Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000 and isn’t that overmuch different from my 43mm Tag Heuer Formula 1 either.

Instead, it’s nan thickness and weight that’s much of an issue, arsenic nan slab-sided style does thing to hide nan smartwatch’s 10.5mm tallness connected your wrist. In total, nan Watch 5 Pro weighs 75 grams, and immoderate whitethorn find it excessively noticeable connected nan wrist to beryllium comfortable. Initially, this was what I recovered erstwhile I wore it successful nan summer, but returning to it during nan winter, it was much manageable. I moreover recovered it comfortable capable to deterioration during nan nighttime to way sleep.

The backmost of nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro connected a mans wrist.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

I’m wearing nan Watch 5 Pro pinch Samsung’s D-Buckle Sport Band, which is excellent. It tin beryllium adjusted for size without devices and is secured pinch a magnet. It’s comfortable, convenient, hasn’t travel loose, and looks really great. However, nan size of nan magnetic clasp intends it whitethorn get caught connected things, different downside for nan adventurous. If it’s not a bully fresh for you, location are ample options to take from for different Galaxy Watch 5 watch bands.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is simply a spot of a creation oddity. It’s intelligibly not really an escapade smartwatch, but it’s not particularly luxurious either. It looks awesome erstwhile viewed face-on and nan strap’s all-in-one creation is simply a existent winner, giving nan watch a modern, cohesive, individual look. Viewed from nan side, it looks a small awkward adjacent to nan curvier and stylish Galaxy Watch 5. And while it shares materials pinch a luxury smartwatch, it can’t compete pinch nan awesome Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 for looks and sheer enjoyment erstwhile wearing it.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Route Workout and Track Back

There are 2 characteristic advantages to nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro complete nan Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 series: Route Workout and Track Back. Route Workout is simply a measurement to travel pre-determined routes erstwhile hiking aliases cycling, and requires you to import typical .GPX files via your phone. Select nan characteristic connected nan watch, import nan GPX, and nan watch will show nan route. However, it’s a “fixed” view, truthful you person to beryllium fresh astatine nan correct spot to commencement your hike aliases rhythm arsenic you can’t scroll astir nan representation to found wherever you are, but I for illustration nan turn-by-turn navigation and elemental vibration alerts to support you connected track.

It’s a really niche feature. If you’re portion of a group wherever GPX files are regularly created and shared, nan characteristic useful very good and could beryllium fun. But if you’re not, you will person to spell looking for files online. Not only are GPX files not very common, but they require master package to create them successful nan first place. The Route Workout characteristic besides only supports hiking and cycling. This besides applies to nan Track Back feature, which will automatically lead you backmost to your starting point.

Neither are features personification who sticks to established paths will ever use, and those who want to research much but aren’t portion of a group that already uses GPX files would beryllium amended to effort an app for illustration ViewRanger, MapMyWalk, aliases OS Maps. Samsung promotes nan GPX Route Workout and Track Back arsenic features that make nan Watch 5 Pro pro, yet they’re much niche and restrictive than we’d expected.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: wellness and activity tracking

On nan backmost of nan smartwatch is nan aforesaid 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor recovered connected nan Galaxy Watch 5, which measures bosom complaint and humor oxygen levels, takes an electrocardiogram, and will grounds assemblage creation too. The Watch 5 Pro will besides measure humor pressure, but to do that you request to unrecorded location nan characteristic is disposable (it’s not disposable successful nan U.S.), calibrate it pinch a cuff-based humor unit monitor, and repetition that calibration each month. It’s not thing for casual users and is apt champion explored by those who person been recommended to show humor pressure. Skin somesthesia monitoring is besides disposable pursuing a package update.

Recording assemblage creation — muscle, fat mass, assemblage fat, assemblage water, BMR, and BMI — from your wrist is very cool, arsenic earlier it was thing much usually recovered connected an upmarket set of smart scales, aliases analyzable machinery successful a doctor’s office. However, while you get nan results and are shown if they’re bully aliases bad, there’s thing to explicate really to alteration them. That’s acceptable for things for illustration BMI arsenic it’s a wide understood metric, but not truthful for assemblage h2o aliases skeletal muscle.

Tracking a locomotion showed nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro accurately and quickly acquires a GPS awesome and nan representation is intelligibly plotted afterward successful nan Samsung Health app. Heart complaint and velocity matched nan information collected by nan Apple Watch Series 7, but location was a flimsy discrepancy betwixt full calories burned. There’s a batch of information to analyse successful nan app, including VO2 Max, cadence, bosom complaint zones, elevation, and plentifulness more. While I’ve been utilizing it to way casual exercise, there’s much than capable present for much committed sportspeople.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is simply a awesome workout partner.

Auto-workouts, wherever nan watch recognizes you’re retired exercising is very accurate, arsenic is nan auto-pause feature. So meticulous successful fact, it pauses while you hold to transverse a engaged roadworthy and restarts erstwhile you’re halfway across. Under nan Fitness tab successful Samsung Health, you’ll find a substance of subscription-based and free workout plans. They’re each surgery down into sections (balance, weight loss, endurance, mindfulness, and truthful on) and are intelligibly marked for trouble level. I tried a fewer retired and while they’re a spot repetitive, they look awesome connected nan Galaxy Z Fold 4’s large screen, and nan show shows bosom complaint and calorie pain information from your watch, which starts search nan activity instantly without immoderate prompting.

Unfortunately, I don’t deliberation nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is suitable for slumber tracking. It’s conscionable excessively dense and bulky. The lighter Galaxy Watch 5 is better, and you tin spot really it performs successful our reappraisal of that model. If I ever make it done an full nighttime without taking nan Watch 5 Pro disconnected because it’s annoying me, I’ll update present connected its performance. If slumber search is really important to you, see nan Oura Ring instead.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is simply a awesome workout partner. It’s accurate, easy to use, pulls successful masses of data, and nan aggregate sensors thief springiness you a broad overview of your wide health. Samsung Health is elemental to navigate and usage too. It’s highly recommended, but unless you already usage .GPX files for hikes aliases cycling, it won’t supply immoderate much functionality aliases penetration than nan regular Galaxy Watch 6.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: package and performance

App surface connected nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has Google’s WearOS 4 pinch Samsung’s One UI Watch 5 package onboard, each powered by nan Exynos W920 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 16GB of soul retention space. There’s nary beingness rotating bezel for illustration nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, but you tin tally your digit astir nan outer separator of nan surface to somewhat replicate nan experience. Otherwise, you swipe and pat nan surface to move done nan menus and titles. Everything you spot tin beryllium customized, including which Tiles are shown and successful what order.

Bixby is nan default sound adjunct and nan microphone picks up my sound without a problem, moreover extracurricular pinch postulation sound astir me. It tin beryllium switched to Google Assistant, but to do truthful requires installation of nan Assistant app and jumping done immoderate hoops successful Settings. While you’re successful nan Google Play Store, location are various different apps disposable for nan Watch 5 Pro including Spotify, Nike Run Club, Komoot, Hole19, MyFitnessPal, Outlook, Strava, and galore more.

Samsung Pay is called up pinch a agelong property of nan little fastener connected nan case, and while Google Wallet tin beryllium installed, I can’t find a measurement to remap nan aforesaid fastener to usage it instead. You’re forced to adhd it to nan apical button, wherever a short property useful arsenic a backmost button, and a agelong property by default calls up Bixby. Special mention should spell to nan caller keyboard that’s portion of OneUI Watch, arsenic moreover erstwhile I optimistically stab distant astatine nan mini surface it gets what I’m trying to type.

Typing connected nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Once nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is going nan capacity is speedy, but it takes a while to aftermath up. Swipe nan surface to spot Quick Settings aliases to entree nan app paper and it seldom recognizes nan first input, and it takes respective tries earlier it really does anything. It’s frustrating and is perchance to do pinch powerfulness management. I besides find it very annoying erstwhile a notification arrives and nan watch vibrates, but nan accusation doesn’t show connected nan surface erstwhile I raise my wrist. It happens astir apt 3 retired of 5 times.

The smartwatch is accelerated enough, but nan package needs polishing and you’ll person to walk immoderate clip getting it to activity nan measurement you want. It’s decidedly not arsenic powerful and soft arsenic nan Galaxy Watch 6 series, aliases arsenic slick aliases effortlessly elemental arsenic WatchOS and nan Apple Watch. The Google Pixel Watch 2 is besides faster and doesn’t suffer from slowdown successful nan aforesaid way.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: surface and different features

Checking a notification connected nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s surface is nan smaller and little resolution than nan 1 connected nan 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It’s still very crisp and matter looks fantastic, positive nan much colorful watch faces popular disconnected nan surface owed to their precocious contrast, agleam colors, and heavy blacks. It’s besides easy to position successful sunlight, and nan auto-brightness characteristic has proven very effective.

There are 2 settings for haptics, ray and strong. Light is pleasing and noticeable, while nan beardown mounting really makes itself known connected your wrist. Dig into nan settings connected nan watch and Samsung has included a wealthiness of accessibility options covering proceeding and visibility enhancements, positive granular power complete nan screen’s sensitivity and responsiveness.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has Bluetooth onboard fresh to link to wireless headphones, positive euphony tin beryllium transferred complete from your telephone done nan Galaxy Wearable app and played straight if you don’t want to transportation your telephone connected a run. It’s a accelerated transportation too, taking only a fewer seconds per way to sync. I utilized nan Galaxy Buds 2 Pro pinch nan Watch 5 Pro, and it didn’t require further setup because it pulled nan accusation straight from my phone, which really simplified nan process. It uses Bluetooth to link to your telephone and nan scope is average, astir nan expected 10 meters but not more, and there’s a vibration alert if it abruptly disconnects. I haven’t had immoderate problems pinch connectivity.

Finally, nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro does not activity pinch an iPhone, it requires an Android telephone and nan Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health apps, positive if you’re utilizing a non-Samsung phone, a typical plugin too. It besides seems nan Route Back characteristic only useful pinch a Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: artillery life and charging

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro's lawsuit back.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s artillery life is its standout characteristic and sets it isolated from astir different Android smartwatches. It will past you 3 moving days without a recharge, pinch a 30-minute activity tracked connected each one, provided you don’t deterioration it overnight. Wear it to way slumber and without immoderate workout tracking, and it will past 2 afloat days without a problem.

As already discussed, nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is not ever nan champion smartwatch to way slumber owed to its size and weight, and while that’s a pain, it does thief artillery life. Track 1 30-minute activity pinch GPS and expect nan artillery to driblet by only astir 5%, which gives you a bully thought of really overmuch power nan Watch 5 Pro’s 590mAh compartment stores. Samsung estimates 80 hours of artillery use, but you won’t get adjacent to that if, for illustration me, you activate continuous bosom complaint and accent monitoring, and nan always-on screen.

Three days of artillery whitethorn not rather lucifer smartwatches for illustration nan Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 or nan Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000, but it’s longer than nan Galaxy Watch 6 and nan Pixel Watch 2. Charging is much modular and it takes 20 minutes to get to astir 40% from almost flat, reaches 65% aft 40 minutes, and connected to afloat successful 90 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Price and availability

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro costs $450 for nan Wi-Fi type aliases $499 for nan 4G LTE exemplary aliases 429 British pounds for nan Wi-Fi type successful nan U.K. and 469 pounds for nan LTE model. It’s disposable now, and if you’re reasoning astir buying, do return a look astatine nan trade-in discounts disposable arsenic they tin importantly trim nan first cost. Spending much to get nan 4G LTE exemplary intends you’ll beryllium capable to time off your telephone astatine location much often and still get messages and calls, but it will costs other connected your monthly bearer bill.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: verdict

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro worn connected a man's wrist.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

I really for illustration nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It looks great, I admit nan higher-quality materials (although I don’t deliberation they make it an escapade smartwatch), and nan sensor array and associated wellness search features are excellent.

However, location isn’t a beardown logic to bargain it complete nan Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which comes successful 2 sizes, is much stylish, and has a physically rotating bezel. It has almost identical features, is amended suited to slumber tracking, and costs less. The only somewhat compelling logic to take nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is its longer artillery life, but we’re only talking a time aliases truthful extra, not thing much meaningful for illustration a week.

If you’re tempted owed to nan GPX record support and Track Back feature, conscionable retrieve you request a Samsung telephone for it to work. If you are reasoning astir this, besides return a look to spot if a sports smartwatch for illustration nan Polar Pacer Pro aliases Garmin Forerunner 955 has much functionality that suits your manner — particularly if you run, hike, aliases rhythm agelong distances regularly.

All of this is why I spot nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro arsenic a luxury type of nan Galaxy Watch 5. You won’t beryllium gaining overmuch by buying it successful position of features and functionality, and those pinch sensible heads will conscionable bargain nan cheaper 1 and beryllium very happy pinch it. However, nan titanium case, thicker sapphire, and minimalist creation will tempt those who want thing conscionable a spot much special, and I person nary hesitation successful recommending it — provided you understand nan cheaper Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is moreover amended and more versatile. It’s a heart-not-a-head determination to take nan Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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