Samsung just did something strange to its newest Android phone

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Joe Maring

By Joe Maring October 26, 2023 11:59AM

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE laying face-down connected a table.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

Earlier this month, Samsung announced a slew of caller products to extremity 2023 connected a precocious note. Alongside immoderate caller tablets and a brace of earbuds, 1 of those caller products was nan Galaxy S23 FE. It looks a batch for illustration nan different S23 phones released earlier this year, but it has immoderate little specs and a cheaper price. When Samsung announced nan S23 FE connected October 3, it said nan telephone would beryllium disposable for $600.

However, it looks for illustration thing changed betwixt past and now. The Galaxy S23 FE officially went connected waste today, October 26, but it doesn’t costs nan $600 Samsung claimed it would. Instead, you’ll person to salary $630 for nan guidelines exemplary pinch 128GB of retention — a seemingly random summation of $30. Samsung didn’t antecedently corroborate really overmuch nan 256GB version would cost, but it’s presently listed connected Samsung’s tract for $690.

What’s nan origin of this abrupt value increase? We aren’t really sure! Plans alteration each nan clip for smartphone launches, from tweaked specs to different merchandise dates. However, I can’t deliberation of different clip erstwhile a telephone was announced astatine 1 value and past launched astatine a different price, and pinch nary mentation astir why it happened. Interestingly enough, the S23 FE is disposable connected Amazon for nan expected $600, making nan business that overmuch much confusing.

Although a $30 summation isn’t nan extremity of nan world, it does put nan Galaxy S23 FE successful a spot of an awkward spot. There’s now conscionable $70 separating it and nan Google Pixel 8, which is 1 of nan best smartphones we’ve reviewed each year. It besides pushes it ever-so-slightly person to nan regular Galaxy S23‘s $800 unit price. $630 isn’t a horrible value for everything nan Galaxy S23 FE has to connection — for illustration a 120Hz AMOLED display, triple-camera system, and 4,500mAh artillery — but nan worth proposition is simply a spot worse than we’d anticipated.

We’ve reached retired to Samsung for remark connected nan Galaxy S23 FE’s caller price, and we’ll update this accordingly erstwhile we perceive backmost from nan company.

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