Samsung’s new fitness tracker could be released any day now

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Leaked photograph showing nan Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 wearable devices successful boxes.GizmoChina

It seems that Samsung is nearing nan motorboat of its anticipated Galaxy Fit 3 wearable device. This caller instrumentality will win nan Galaxy Fit 2, which is almost 3 years old.

The Galaxy Fit 3 was accidentally revealed connected a Samsung website just days ago, and now immoderate unit boxes person been spotted successful nan wild, according to Gizmochina. Although nan unit boxes don’t uncover immoderate caller accusation that we didn’t already know, they do propose that Samsung is getting fresh to motorboat nan Galaxy Fit 3 very soon.

As you tin spot successful nan image above, nan Galaxy Fit 3 looks to get successful astatine slightest 2 colors: achromatic and black. However, there’s nary measurement of knowing what worldly will beryllium utilized for nan watch body. As antecedently noted, nan Samsung UAE website was nan first to leak accusation astir nan Galaxy Fit 3. Although nan contented was removed quickly, it was still disposable successful nan website’s cache. According to nan leak, nan upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 will importantly upgrade nan erstwhile model.

A leaked image apt showing a Samsung Galaxy FIt 3 smartwatch.Samsung UAE

The Galaxy Fit 3 is expected to characteristic a 1.6-inch AMOLED display, measuring 40mm diagonally. The watch will person up to 13 days of artillery life betwixt charges. The wearable will besides person precocious wellness search features, information features for illustration autumn detection, and complete 100 customizable watch faces.

The upcoming wearable instrumentality could besides person a slumber coach usability that offers personalized recommendations to users connected improving their slumber habits based connected their slumber patterns and routines. This characteristic was besides coming connected nan Galaxy Watch 6 released past year.

The leaked accusation astir nan Galaxy Fit 3 suggests that it will person a akin style to nan Apple Watch. However, it is not expected to beryllium a nonstop competitor to nan Apple Watch. The starting value of nan Apple Watch SE 2 is $249, while nan Galaxy Fit 3 whitethorn beryllium priced arsenic debased arsenic $99. This puts it successful nan aforesaid value scope arsenic nan Fitbit Charge 6 and Fitbit Inspire 3.

Image showing thing pinch a Galaxy Fit 3 connected their wrist.Samsung UAE

If nan leaks are accurate, Samsung will apt uncover nan Galaxy Fit 3 soon. However, it is unclear why nan institution didn’t denote it earlier this twelvemonth when it launched nan Galaxy S24 series.

This news follows Samsung’s tease that it’s moving connected nan Galaxy Ring. If some devices are released this year, 2024 could beryllium a important twelvemonth for Samsung’s wellness initiatives.

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