Save $50 on the Xbox Series S with 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate

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The Xbox Series S starter bundle against a achromatic background.Microsoft

While a batch of folks thin to attraction connected really powerful consoles are, there’s a batch to beryllium said astir providing an affordable experience, moreover pinch somewhat little power. The Nintendo Switch has been doing it for years, and for nan astir part, nan Xbox Series S gives a akin acquisition but has been almost wholly ignored, moreover though it’s still an fantabulous console. Well, if you’re consenting to springiness it a shot, you tin get it from Best Buy for conscionable $250 alternatively of nan accustomed $300, and you moreover get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass thrown in.

Why you should bargain nan Xbox Series S

Even though nan Xbox Series S gets a bad estimation for being somewhat underpowered, galore folks who are still not utilizing 4k TVs tin return advantage of its little value without losing overmuch successful nan process. Let’s get this retired of nan measurement first: nan Series S is not made to tally connected 4k and is capped astatine 1440p, and honestly, moreover moving it astatine 1080p is astir apt nan champion option. That whitethorn not look great, but if you’re moving a smaller gaming monitor, 1080p is still a perfectly coagulated resolution, arsenic is 1440p, truthful if you scheme to usage nan Series S successful a chamber pinch a smaller TV, past you’ve really recovered nan cleanable use-case.

Another large affirmative of nan Xbox Series S is that it’s 1 of nan cheapest ways to summation entree to Microsoft’s monolithic room done Xbox Game Pass since it’s only disposable connected nan Xbox consoles and PCs, and nan second tin costs you two, three, aliases moreover 10 times arsenic overmuch arsenic a Series S. Even better, if you person a bully net relationship and are successful a supported region, you tin watercourse games from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, truthful lower-end hardware isn’t moreover that overmuch of an issue. And this bundle throws successful 3 months of it for free, truthful you tin trial it retired earlier putting your money into nan service.

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Overall, nan Series S is simply a coagulated gaming console that’s been hidden successful nan shadows because it’s not arsenic powerful arsenic nan Series X, moreover though it’s cleanable for what it’s made for. If you for illustration what you’ve seen truthful far, past beryllium judge to drawback it from Best Buy while nan $250 woody lasts, and if you do extremity up grabbing it, cheque retired these Xbox Series S deals for cartridges, peripherals, and more.

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Check retired this awesome scary crippled earlier it leaves Xbox Game Pass adjacent week

A weapon sits successful a drawer successful Signalis.

Grief tin beryllium unexplainable. I mislaid my grandfather a fewer years ago, and aft his cremation, my family and I went backmost to his location and based on a spot astir who would beryllium sleeping successful his bed. The chamber was nan aforesaid arsenic earlier he passed, but location seemed to beryllium a weird spread connected nan broadside of nan furniture wherever he utilized to sleep. It was for illustration a protector hovering conscionable supra nan sheets. He was some location and not, and it was reliable to put into words, moreover pinch others successful nan house.

SIGNALIS - Official Launch Trailer

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One of nan year’s champion reviewed games is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Issac Clarke exploring ruins successful Dead Space Remake.

Microsoft revealed nan adjacent batch of games coming to its Xbox Game Pass subscription work this October. While nary Activision Blizzard games are coming to nan work conscionable yet pursuing that acquisition, 1 of 2023's best-reviewed games is: this year's Dead Space remake.

Dead Space came retired successful January and is simply a stunning remake of a 2008 scary classic. The crippled follows an technologist named Issac Clarke arsenic he searches for his woman Nicole connected a gigantic spaceship called nan USG Ishimura. It's overrun by disgusting creatures called Necromorphs, though, starring to plentifulness of horrific situations arsenic Issacs looks for answers connected nan ship. The original was an atmospheric and tense scary game, and developer EA Motive only enhanced each of that pinch this remake that updates nan game's visuals and makes immoderate different tweaks to bring nan acquisition much successful statement pinch early games successful its bid and different modern scary games.
It's a awesome prime if you're looking for a caller scary crippled to play this month, truthful we urge checking it retired erstwhile it hits Xbox Game Pass connected October 26. It's not nan only crippled coming to nan work during nan backmost half of this month, though. Here's nan afloat database of games coming to Xbox Game Pass passim nan remainder of October.

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Xbox’s 2023 games consciousness for illustration nan Series X motorboat lineup we ne'er got

EMBARGO 10/4 12:01 AM PT: A camera perspective up adjacent to a Forza Motorsport race.

Even though we’re almost 3 years into nan life span of nan Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it feels for illustration this console procreation is conscionable starting for Microsoft.
It’s nary concealed that Xbox was slow to commencement up and past support consistency this console generation. For example, 2020 saw nan institution putting retired a anemic console motorboat lineup made up of ports and remasters. While 2021 had a flurry of awesome games, it was followed by a comparatively barren 2022. And 2023 hasn't been cleanable either (due, successful ample part, to nan flop that is Redfall), but extracurricular of that, this twelvemonth delivered nan fantabulous Hi-Fi Rush, nan grandly scaled Starfield, coagulated ports of 2 Age of Empires games and Quake II, a caller Minecraft title, and a method showpiece successful Forza Motorsport.
Looking astatine that varied lineup, these games showcase some nan imaginable of nan Series X and nan powerfulness of Xbox arsenic a brand. Prospects for Xbox’s lineup are up heading into 2024 too, truthful it feels for illustration we’re astatine nan due commencement of nan Xbox Series X and S console procreation ... moreover if it came a fewer years excessively late.
A caller beginning 
Looking astatine nan 2020 motorboat lineup for Xbox Series X/S, it wasn’t precisely emblematic of what nan console could do. While location were immoderate bully 4K and 60 frames per 2nd (fps) upgrades for Xbox One games, nan only caller draws were a console larboard of Gears Tactics, nan multiplayer-supporting Tetris Effect: Connected, a impermanent next-gen exclusive type of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and immoderate smaller indies for illustration The Falconeer and Bright Memory 1.0.

Most of those games were connected aliases came to much platforms afterward and, successful general, didn’t supply that beardown of an statement for why players should instrumentality astir this console generation. But looking astatine galore of nan games Xbox has released this year, it yet feels for illustration we person a bundle of bully Xbox exclusives that show what nan level was ever tin of.
In my reappraisal of Forza Motorsport, I statement that nan crippled feels for illustration a motorboat title because it’s an awesome method showpiece. It runs astatine 4K and 60 fps successful capacity mode, which is thing not galore games this procreation person done. The closest comparable games are Astro’s Playroom and Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered connected PlayStation 5, which efficaciously demonstrated nan powerfulness of Sony's console early on.
Forza Motorsport was besides built arsenic a level that developer Turn 10 Studios tin grow complete time. It plans to periodically slot successful caller azygous and multiplayer content, including caller cars and tracks. A crippled for illustration that makes a batch of consciousness early connected successful a console’s life span successful this live-service era. It’s what Microsoft tried to do pinch Halo Infinite, moreover if that didn’t cookware retired arsenic expected owed to a one-year delay, and pinch Killer Instinct connected Xbox One.

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