Save $500 on this Alienware gaming PC with an RTX 4090, 32GB of RAM

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Alienware Aurora R15 placed astatine an perspective connected a table.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Pre-built PCs are awesome for those who don’t person nan clip aliases skills to build their ain PC, and while it does costs a small spot other to spell pinch a pre-built, location are immoderate awesome gaming PC deals you tin return advantage of to mitigate that. Of course, if you’re looking to get 1 of nan champion gaming PCs retired there, you can’t spell incorrect pinch an Alienware PC. It’s a institution that has been astir for good complete a decade, making high-end gaming laptops and desktops, truthful it has a batch of powerful PCs you tin prime from, for illustration nan Aurora R15.

There are rather a fewer configurations of nan Aurora R15, but we recovered a awesome woody connected 1 that has an RTX 4090, 1 of nan champion GPUs connected nan marketplace and a beast of a machine. While it usually costs $3,900, Dell has knocked disconnected a monolithic $500, truthful you tin get it now for $3,200. While that’s still a spot expensive, it’s good worthy nan costs fixed you’re getting immoderate of nan champion hardware connected nan market, particularly pinch nan $500 discount.

Why you should bargain nan Alienware Aurora R15 gaming PC

If you want to play nan best PC games astatine their highest settings, nan Alienware Aurora R15 gaming PC has your back. Inside its stylish chassis are nan 13th-generation Intel Core i9 processor and nan Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, positive 32GB of RAM that will springiness you room to tally streaming apps and different package while you’re playing video games, according to our guideline connected how overmuch RAM do you need. With these specifications, you’ll beryllium fresh to tally nan best upcoming PC games without nan request for further upgrades.

The 1TB SSD of nan Alienware Aurora R15 gaming desktop is ample capable to instal respective AAA titles, successful summation to Windows 11 Home that comes pre-loaded. A liquid cooling strategy not only keeps nan gaming PC moving astatine optimum conditions, but it besides maintains soundlessness while you play truthful you won’t beryllium distracted erstwhile you’re successful nan mediate of a reliable online conflict aliases a leader fight. The Alienware Aurora R15 besides provides entree to nan Alienware Command Center, which offers auto-tuned crippled profiles, overclocking options, AlienFX lighting settings, and galore more.

There’s nary different measurement to opportunity it — nan Alienware Aurora R15 gaming desktop is simply a powerhouse, and it’s really a bargain astatine its discounted value of $3,400. You’ll beryllium capable to usage nan $500 successful savings connected its original value of $3,900 connected video games and accessories, but you’ll person to enactment accelerated because this opportunity whitethorn not past long. In summation to your finance successful nan Alienware Aurora R15 gaming PC, you should cheque retired monitor deals for a show that will springiness justness to nan machine’s capabilities.

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Why you should bargain a Dell G16 Gaming Laptop
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