Should you pick Claude or Rena in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

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Star Ocean: The Second Story R is simply a remake of 1998’s 2nd introduction successful nan space-centric role-playing beingness of Star Ocean, but contempt its galore improvements, nan halfway creation of nan original crippled remains almost afloat intact. This includes its offering of dual protagonists, 1 of which you’ll person to prime arsenic your main characteristic astatine nan opening of a playthrough. If you’re wondering which you should prime first, we’ll springiness you immoderate accusation beneath without going excessively acold into spoiler territory.

Should you prime Claude aliases Rena first?

Regardless of whether you prime Claude aliases Rena for your playthrough of Star Ocean: The Second Story R, nan game’s mainline communicative will stay nan aforesaid from opening to end. However, nan 2 characters will witnesser galore awesome events from their ain perspective, giving you a spot of further penetration into really they consciousness astir what’s happening. Additionally, they’ll each person entree to 1 exclusive recruitable character. This intends that you’ll person to play done nan crippled doubly if you want to spot nan afloat communicative of nan 2 recruitable characters and spot what they bring to nan array successful combat.

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Here are 3 cardinal things to support successful mind erstwhile choosing nan characteristic for your first playthrough:

  • Claude offers a fuller position of nan communicative and will capable successful much gaps successful nan main tale, while Rena provides a small spot much lore astir nan satellite and section happenings.
  • Claude is considerably much powerful successful battle, pinch a attraction connected fierce melee combat, while Rena is mostly focused connected treatment and different magic.
  • Rena’s exclusive recruitable characteristic is arguably superior to nan 1 successful Claude’s playthrough and is mostly considered nan strongest characteristic successful nan game.

With each of this successful mind, our sentiment is that Claude makes for nan champion characteristic for an first playthrough owed to his clearer position of nan communicative and wide combat abilities making nan first half of nan crippled a spot easier. However, if you’re partial to nan thought of getting nan strongest characteristic successful nan crippled aliases person already witnessed Claude’s playthrough, Rena is simply a perfectly viable choice, too. Either way, nan crippled features complete 80 endings, truthful location is plentifulness of inducement to play done nan crippled aggregate times pinch some characters.

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How to get nan Abacus and spot force wellness bars successful Sea of Stars

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Early successful Sea of Stars, you'll find yourself resting astatine a campfire erstwhile Garl hops retired of nan bushes and rejoins your party. Soon aft you squad backmost up pinch this lovable pal, you'll brushwood a prevention constituent adjacent to a cave entranceway straight to nan north. Enter present and conclusion nan 2 enemies inside. Afterward, standard nan wall successful this room and wrap astir to a thorax that contains an Abacus.

Alternatively, you tin bargain an Abacus from a merchant astatine nan Stonemason's Outpost conscionable a small further into nan game, truthful if you miss nan first opportunity to get this highly useful accessory, you won't beryllium wholly retired of luck.

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Similar to nan ringing strategy from Final Fantasy XVI, Sea of Stars allows you to customize nan game's trouble to your liking via various Relics pinch individual perks and boons that tin beryllium toggled connected and disconnected astatine immoderate time. These tin beryllium recovered successful nan position paper by scrolling down to "Relics," and nan crippled will springiness you 2 very early on, though it's important to support an oculus retired for others you tin prime up.

Those looking for an easier acquisition are apt to admit The Amulet of Storytelling, which you'll person entree to astatine nan opening of nan journey. This Relic doubles your wide HP and heals you automatically aft combat, making galore of nan game's areas importantly easier. However, you'll besides beryllium capable to prime up nan Artful Gambit a small ways into your quest, which will trim your HP by 95% and adhd further bonuses for timing blocks and attacks properly, making nan crippled overmuch much difficult.

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How to get a equine successful Wayfinder

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The gameplay loop successful Wayfinder whitethorn beryllium mostly focused connected moving dungeons and gearing up your various characters, but there's besides a wide-open world retired location to research for immoderate quests and loot. That whitethorn time off you wondering really to snag a trusty equine that you could usage to thrust astir a spot faster, and we'd for illustration to deliberation that's a beautiful reasonable point to desire. However, you whitethorn beryllium amazed that nan process of getting a equine isn't wholly clear yet, and there's only 1 guaranteed measurement to people 1 correct now. And moreover utilizing that method requires you to workout immoderate patience. We'll explicate it each below.
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If you're wanting to get your hands connected a equine successful Wayfinder anytime soon, you're retired of luck. As of this writing, nan only measurement to get a equine successful nan crippled is to acquisition an Awakened aliases Exalted Founder's Pack, some of which travel pinch nan Highlands Strider Mount and Saddle among a wealth trove of different goodies. The erstwhile will tally you $90, while nan second is nan eventual tier of Founder's Pack and costs a whopping $150.

The downside is that, moreover aft purchasing 1 of these upper-tier Founder's Packs, you still won't person contiguous entree to nan Highlands Strider mount. As of correct now, mounts aren't progressive successful nan game, and we're not wholly judge erstwhile they'll spell live. When we person much information, we'll beryllium judge to update you here, though. In nan meantime, it looks for illustration you'll beryllium legging it done Wayfinder!

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